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3rd Year: Major Project, Turning Creative Gears

For my final major project, over the course of the next couple weeks, I'm going to be developing an animation showreel, showcasing my skills as an animator. This project will consist of a consistent posting pipeline, so my progress can be easily tracked and monitored. The whole point of this project is meant to show how to manage a project to a professional degree, whilst showing I know what I'm talking about (e.g. subjects relating to animation.), then proving I can animate to a high standard.

By creating three main scenes using existing rigs I've used before as well as new one, I'll be taking audio clips from multiple sources, and using my powers of interpretation, coming up with a scene to showcase my animation skills. So far I'll be using rigs such as Maya Max and Moom, but I could add more depending on how much work I can get done.

Moom Rig
Maya Max Rig

So the main goals for the project are:
  • Produce an animation showreel to a professional standard
  • Show my inner workings of my animation pipeline
  • Show my knowledge and understanding or animation through written posts and examples like this one. [LINK]
  • Be consistent so I can show I can manage myself well, and push out content on a regular basis.
Overall the goals I've set I think are realistic and achievable. I want to try and stick to what I've said rather than constantly expand my project and eventually create something I alone can't achieve. Only time will tell how this project will go, but I'm looking forward to what the future holds.

Also to note, if possible I'm going to try participate in the 11 second club challenges in order to keep my animation skills up to scratch. If I have my time management well thought out, I should be able to submit to this on a regular basis, plus I will get some sort of publicity even if its with a small group of people.