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Alan Tutorial Class: Posing 4

So this was the image I was working from.

Overall this was okay, I'm not too happy with how long the body is and his hands (As they are in okay positions, but their shapes are incorrect.), but I think I've gotten the main pose down. Facial pose was okay, but because of the picture quality there's only so much I could do posing-wise. Then the pelvis was a little out of whack, just because I bent the top half of the body rather than the pelvis.

Overall this pose was okay, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Alan Tutorial Class: Posing 3

Did this in about 5 minutes, thin the spine seems okay, but it needs work on the angle of which the upper part of his torso turns. I've also worked out the facial controls fully now and I got a rough, rough, rough face going, but couldn't finish.
Hands definitely still need work but I'd say I got the main idea of the pose down.

Might do a study into animation poses at some point, but I'm not sure yet, this would be a great way for me to hone my skills.

Alan Tutorial Class: Posing 2

Overall I know this rig a little better now, e.g. keeping the controls on in renders casts shadows and how to get the facial rig working.

I'd still really like to get a lot better at this though and I could definitely see myself doing this again in my spare time.