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Alan Tutorial Class: Posing 8

So did some more speed posing today! Overall this pose for once, I actually think its okay! There are a few flaws, but I came quite close to getting to pose down pretty decently.

The main problems with this pose are mainly his neck, as it curves ever so slightly, so the top area of the chest could probably could do with more twist, the rear foot should have been pushed back way further and pointed much sharper towards the floor, his hands needed to be scrunched way more and his left hand needs to be facing the camera a lot more, and finally, his front foot has been pushed a little too far away from his body.
Focusing more on accuracy of the pose, rather than the character and the face.

Alan Tutorial Class: Posing 7

I'm not very happy with how this came out, I tried to bend for the pelvis but I ended up breaking his hips. The arms are not extended enough, the head is at a poor rotation and the kicking foot is not even close to the original image. It's similar to my pose, but definitely not my best work. Need to do better next time.

Alan Tutorial Class: Posing 6

Overall, pretty happy with how this came out! Posing is okay, stature is okay, my only gripe are the hands and the bending in the spine and neck, they are not enough. But overall, not too bad.

Alan Tutorial Class: Posing 5

This was the pose I was working from.

There are some main problems in the chest and neck. The pose originates from mainly the chest, so I neglected to turn the chest in this exercise, so that's a fault on my end. So I need to work on how I pose my spines so that's a goal I need to work on.