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2D Animation 30/10/2015

Here are some 2D animation I have done. They focus on the basic principles of animation so nothing too fancy yet. You can see for the box I have tried to add motion lines and the ball I have added some fabric to give a sense of motion.

'La Belle Et La Bete 1946' Taming What Cannot be Tamed 27/10/2015

This film review will focus on the connection between Beauty and Beast, how they affect each other, design choices and many other topics that will be unveiled as this review progresses. The film was made in 1946, was directed by 'Jean Cocteau' and was produced by 'AndrĂ© PaulvĂ©'. The story focuses on a family in France and a girl named Beauty/Belle (Josette Day) being part of a family that is in serious financial trouble, having their possessions taken from them and the risk of losing their home due to their fathers endeavours. On his way home the father stumbles on an abandoned mansion, when leaving the mansion the father picks a rose for his daughter Belle but is confronted by the Beast (Jean Marais) and threatens to kill him however makes a much more interesting offer. He will not kill the father if one of the daughters takes his place. Belle take his fathers place and is accompanied by the beast almost every single day until one day he lets Belle see her father on …

Victor Moscoso 28/10/2015

Victor Moscoso Website Link
Who is this guy in a nutshell?

Victor Moscoso is an Galician American (Oleiros, Galicia, Spain) artist who was born in 1936 and does psychedelic prints. He went to Cooper Union and then the University of Yale. He was inspired by Josef Albers, a teacher at his university and went on to work on comics, rock posters and album covers for musicians. He is still currently doing work, making shirts and other poster but because of his work he has been awarded two Clio Awards, which are awarded for creative excellence in advertising, design and communication.

Opinions of his work for reference.

Victors work is interesting to say the least, he has this exquisite art style which mashes random colors together and really makes his work "Pop" out at you. Not just for the colours he has used but the way he uses them, it almost as if he is some sort of a mix between Indian Art and Andy Warhol's prints. The way he lays out…

Maya Tutorial: One Point, Two Point and Three Point Lighting 15/10/2015

This was my first attempt at lighting well in Maya. This lesson definitely has show me a couple new bits on how to do your lighting settings. There are also other methods I was ne aware of, for example I now know a lot of shortcuts for Maya in the panels section. I will definitely expand upon this with future project and maybe even make my content look even better without even altering a model.

End Of Project 1: Mistakes, Knowledge and Experience 23/10/2015

Project 1 Summary/Evaluation

In 'Project 1' I have made many mistakes and have learnt a lot, so I figure I bullet point on what I need to do better on and what I am already decent at for the next project, but first some information on my 'Crit'. From what I can understand I made a building not a city, I can see how that can be said and I could not agree more. I have gotten some sort of tunnel vision on the towers and I completely didn't realize the rest of the city in my images. I have no clue why this happened but it did and all I can say is this, don't do it again and manage your project better.

Here was my schedule for Project 1:

Week 1- Get to grips with my project brief, learn the university campus, the content needed with this project and start my 100 thumbnails.

Week 2- Bring up my Maya and Photoshop skills in order to make some great work, continue my 100 thumbnail development and keep up to date on film reviews and tutorials.

Week 3- Continue my 100 thumbna…

Invisible Cities Low Exterior Shot 21/10/2015

This is my final exterior shot painting, something about this painting doesn't give the scale I was going for in my three paintings. What I would think causes this is that the door is way to big, maybe shrinking down the door would have helped given the tower some scale. The idea can still be conveyed but I would have liked to of added more texture if I had the skill.

Invisible CitIes Interior Shot 21/10/2015

This is my final interior shot, I would like to think that this was done well but it did not turn out the way I had hoped. The perspective was fine but everything seemed to lack detail, I couldn't get the level of detail I was looking for and when I had to get it done I was not able to perform to my own expectations. It still came out okay but I would have liked it to look more detailed

Maya Tutorials: Animation, Dynamics, Keyframe, Motion Paths and MEL 23/10/2015

MEL Wireframe Animation
MEL Texture Animation
Using MEL for animation was a very technical process, its a little bit like coding but very simplified. I still need to study some of the logic/terminology behind it but I think it is something that I can learn with relative ease and apply to future animations.

Motion Path Animation
Motion Paths were surprisingly easy to use and I can easily see how these would be used in animations, car scenes, skybox animations (planes in the sky) and general rough animation guides would be very easy and quick to do. Dynamics
 Dynamics is by far the quickest and easiest way to create a realistic animation by using mathematics and physics in coding. There is quite a lot of math and physics behind it but with enough practice this should be second nature. I have done a little of this before but I have lots to learn, the options for this kind of animation are enormous and I can see why learning this may take longer than all the rest.
Keyframe Car Animatio…

Invisible Cities Exterior Shot 21/10/2015

This is my final exterior shot painting, I would like to think for a first attempt at doing a painting in color and having one of this scale it is okay. I would have liked the city to look a little more like a city however it will do. I would like to think I got the perspective down pretty well and the scale of the tower really shows.

Art Of Progress: Cover Art 20/10/2015

This is the front Cover for my Art Of. I like it but want to put in more of the writing or have it make more sense. Some of it is just random equations so when I get time I might redo this and have the equations make sense. This design sticks with the 'Old Architect' theme I am going for and hopefully I can elaborate on how this big tower works like a massive tap/spout for the city rather than have it as just a structure. The drawing text will obviously be much more refined but for now its only a concept.

'Space Odyssey 2001' What is it? What does it mean? Where did it come from? 16/10/2015

This review will focus on the film '2001 A Space Odyssey 2001' the characters, symbolism, deeper meaning behind some of the soundtrack and many other topics. The film was made in 1968 by 'Stanley Kubrick' and was inspired by the earlier generations of films such as 'Metropolis'. This film really shows what would have probably inspired the star wars franchise and the star trek franchise. Its special effects were also top of the range in 1968 and were unmatched by any other film, this was the film that truly set the standards for Sci-Fi Special Effects, Designs, Technology's and even stories for Sci-Fi films to come.

The special effects in '2001 A Space Odyssey' were the best of its kind in 1968, they took inspiration from earlier generations, learnt from it and saw what they could do better. In 'Metropolis (1927)' some scenes included small props that would move to give the illusion of depth in the scene. In this film they take that techniqu…

Flash tutorial: Transformation 16/10/2015

This is my first animation of me turn into cheese, into a wolf, into cheese and back into me. Not too bad for my first time, would have like it to be a bit more solid though. I did use some image reference to help me draw but I did all of the theoretical transformation logic on my own.

Maya Tutorial: Batch Rendering 16/10/2015

I did the batch rendering tutorial in Maya today. Batch rendering is quite a lot different from Maya 2014, there are some ups and down but mostly ups. I decided to put this into Photoshop and quickly create a starry background, give the GIF a little more "Pop".

Illustrator: General Practice 16/10/2015

Today I used illustrator, I have used Illustrator in the past and I have found that using the pen tool can very good but can take time to master. The major difference between Photoshop and Illustrator is that one focuses on the line art and can product some very high quality content, whereas Photoshop is more of an "All Round" tool for just about anything.

Image Trace is a tool in Illustrator where it takes the colors of an image and it converts it to shape for you. It like an automatic pen tool only it can sometime mess up and is not as accurate.

'King Kong 1933' The Father of all Special Effects Films 15/10/2015

This review will focus on how 'King Kong' was influenced by the films that came before it and how it has had an impact on films in later generations. It will also cover topics such as how 'King Kong' was designed, the detail that went into designing him and how other assets are displayed in the film, physically and symbolically.

 'King Kong' is a film that was released in 1933 and it was made by 'Merian C. Cooper' and 'Ernest B. Schoedsack'. The film was one of the first of its kind and is also known as "The father of "Jurassic Park," the "Alien" movies and countless other stories in which heros are terrified by skillful special effects." (Roger. Ebert 2002). It set the standard for future special effects films to come and when you look at some of the details really closely you can see that the team that designed 'King Kong' (Character) and the sets really pulled out all the stops in order to get the best qu…

Invisible Cities Colour & Texture Influence Map

When coming up with what colours I should use I really want to go for a dawn or dusk look to my city. After feedback from my tutor I have come up with a couple good ideas that I might settle on. The first is the main towers I plan to paint, they are impossibly tall but have a function, because all of Clavino's stories are based on Venice and I wanted to have some water related attributes to my city as well. The towers function like huge explosive sprinklers, the tower will have a compartment where it stores water, it will then fire the water into the air like a sprinkler, creating plantation around the city.

It was also interesting to note that the city was always in a state of disrepair, so some part of the tower will be covered in a scaffolding/netting structure to show signs of constant damage and repair. Having someone live in the towers is also another interesting concept, my tutor mentioned about monkeys living in trees, which could be precisely how people live and get arou…

Maya: Texturing 12/10/2015

Texturing in Maya was a welcome challenge but I will need more practice with it. I was taught a different way of doing this but now I realize that this way is easier. Hopefully next time will be better, perhaps some smaller objects I can model like daggers and crates could be a good exercise.

Digital Drawings: Point Perspectives 12/10/2015

Point Perspective Drawings

This exercise was very useful to me. I do struggle with perspective in drawings and these will really help me in the long run!