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Acting Session: Week 3 31/03/2017

So in acting this week we elaborated upon some of the techniques we learned last week, however, this time we had to get across on a scale of one to ten how we felt (One being Sad/Down and Ten being High and Powerful).

Once the idea of High and Low roles had been established, we were the given random scenes where we were both given a high role and a low role. It's interesting to see how everyone adapted and improvised, and I'm certainly looking forward to next week.

Also, our group in the great game known as 'Cheesy Burger Keepy Uppey?' we have decided to name our group the wildcats, to show off our wild personalities. (We still have a better name.)

World Cinema, Film Review: Ethel & Ernest (2016) 29/03/2017

This film review will be focusing on the film 'Ethel and Ernest' (2016), this film follows the story of Ethel and Ernest. This film is based on the 1998 book Ethel and Ernest and is animated by the son of Ethel and Ernest, Raymon Briggs. The film is based on the real effects of WWII and before, showing what real British culture is and indulging in what some people would expect a 'Stereotypical Britsh Film' would look like. There are narrative elements in the film that like others films (Waltz with Bashir, Persepolis and Sita Sing the Blues) has its own little quirks.

The film was released in 2016, was directed by Roger Mainwood, was written and partially animated by Raymond Briggs and the film was produced by Camilla Deakin and Ruth Feilding. The film was originally a book written by Raymon Briggs himself, so he lived the life written in the book, he then turned the book into the film and even animated it. It's worth mentioning that Raymon Briggs is also the creat…

Clay Works: Day One, 28/03/2017

So today we had to begin work on our clay head sculpture, after a small retweak to my ideas I decided to do Anakin Skywalker from the clone wars. When we were working in clay before we were told it would have been similar and different to Maya. Working in Maya there are a lot of shortcuts that be taken to get the result you want, however, in clay, there aren't really any shortcuts. What is similar to Maya though however is the rule of the more time you would spend on this the better the final outcome will be.

Adaptation B: Post Pitch Feedback Reflection 24/03/2017

So the Pitch for Adaptation Part: B has come and gone, but there a few things I want to reflect on for the future. So after feedback from my pitch there are a couple things to take note of the first being is the way I actually presented the presentation. I've done a fair amount of testing in regards to this animation, however, I didn't even mention any of these things in the presentation. Things like hard surface modeling, projection mapping and how the animation actually works. There is still a lot of work and Re-Working that needs to be done, but I do believe that what I now need to achieve is a lot more achievable that I had previously thought.

The thing is I had done a fair amount of work but didn't mention it. What I do know to still do is stick to my current art direction, the feedback I got for some of my choices artistically were quite nice! However there is still a lot of work to be done and I'm ready to tackle it head on.

Adaptation B: Pitch Presentation 23/03/2017

Acting Session: Week 2 22/03/2017

I know it says Week 2, but unfortunately, I didn't have any sort of camera so I couldn't take any screenshots from last week.

In the acting classes, we have been learning about positioning and translating messages through means of action rather than words. It's interesting to see how certain messages can be translated because of the way the body moves or reacts to certain situations.

I can definitely see how these kinds of things can be applied to animation and the rules that can be applied to different kinds of animation. The twelve principles can also be applied to the way we act to an extent, so the emphasis on certain motions to portray either an action or a movement is super interesting to partake and observe.

World Cinema, Film Review: Persepolis (2007) 21/03/2017

This film review will be focusing on the film 'Persepolis (2007)', this film follows the story of a young girl known as Satrapi. This story is based on the real events and effects of the time period in which the film is set (70's/80's), whilst all of the government corruption grows and festers this very innocent story of how a girl has to go about living her life is a simple story. However, through an interesting art style and clever animation, this film appears very human.

The film was made in 2007, was directed by Marjane Satrapi, was produced by Xavier Rigault and the music for the film was produced by Olivier Bernet. In 2007 this film was nominated for Academy Award for the best-animated feature, however, it lost to Pixars 'Ratatouui' (2007).

The theme of the whole film is very similar to waltz with Bashir, as the film is Iranian, but also French. It's interesting to note how deep and personal both of these stories are, and how the cultures they are ba…

Adaptation Part B: Visual References and Inspirations 09/03/2017

Samsung Music Hub "Sizzle" from Seagulls Fly on Vimeo.
The idea that the whole scene blends seamlessly is very interesting. Giving the illusion that the whole animation would be one sequence rather than separate would be quite crucial.

HORIZON - from Mickaƫl Forrett (MEO) on Vimeo.
Horizon is an amazing example of how projection mapping can give an impression of depth and scale. This should be used in the final animation, but this a cool use of this technique nonetheless.

HORS CHAMP from GOBELINS pro on Vimeo.

Hors Champ uses colour and screen effects very effectively to give a sense of realism and believability, despite the art style of the animation.

COIL from GOBELINS pro on Vimeo.

The animation in Coil is very well done, some scenes use a large amount of animation, whilst some areas only need a small amount, but it's enough to emphasise an emotion.

Adaptation Part B: Development, Effects and Drawings 09/03/2017

The effect should just be popped into the animation when it is all done, and this is just a small taste of what to expect. Turns out the pixel physics isn't as complicated as I originally thought.

Maya Tutorials: Max Maya Flip Animation 09/03/2017

First Attempt
Second Attempt

Final Attempt
I've tried to experiment with camera angle a little bit to see if I can't enhance the quality of the animation, this has kind of worked but I can even admit it does seem a little jarring towards the end. Hopefully, I will be able to try this again at a later date, and apart from a few bugs with this, I'm pretty happy with it.
I'll be pretty honest and say that this was surprisingly more difficult than I expected, and will definitely look to improve this skill as its something I know I can do well in and want to do well in.

Overall this took me just over 3/3.5 hours to create, and this was the first time I'ver also used a doppler sheet in my methods. Will definitely apply this technique again when I come across more animation tasks.

Adaptation B: Timeline Re-Work and Maya Experimentation 03/03/2017

So I've gone and re-worked this timeline I had, so now I can start posting my storyboards and environment designs.
Before I start producing all of my assets (And there will be a lot of them), I wanted to experiment with different technologies. Recently I have been messing around with ncloths and nconstrains and I've been able to get a good idea of how they work. With this technology, I could create things like ships, capes and maybe a couple ribbons.
I still need to keep final compositing in mind when creating this because I don't know how long these will take to render, or how long it will take to composite.
I've also been trying to get a theme down for my production and so far I'd like to think it looks pretty clean. My style is pretty minimalist already so I will have to see how I can build off of that and gain a couple more tricks under my belt.