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Maya/Mudbox Tutorials: Modelling, Sculpting and Technical Progress 31/01/2017

Random Sculpt 
Normal Map Export Screen

Normal Map Export

Normal Map File
Creating normal maps & exporting them is surprisingly easy, it can take time to export the maps but the process of applying the map is also not to bad.

Mental Ray

Vector Render
I'm also working on a way to transfer the normals onto a model, I did try earlier but the export just wouldn't end, I'm going to try this again at some point, hopefully this will yield better results.

Adaptation Part A: Script and Infographic Details 31/01/2017

What is The Best Time of Day to Masturbate?

Main Messages:
  • It’s okay to Masturbate.
  • What is Masturbation?
  • What are the rules with Masturbation?
  • Teach Masturbation Terminology.
Target Audience


Run Time

2:00/3:20 Minutes

Topic Elaboration

Talking about a topic as delicate as this is quite awkward for a lot of people, especially younger audiences. There are other forms of media which can teach these topics, but creating an experience from an awkward topic that people will benefit from is key in the production of this infographic.

The idea of this video is to inform and teach, not influence and stereotype, obviously, stereotypes will be used as a form of explanation in the film but not will rely too heavily on them.

Script Points, In Order

1. What is the best time of day to masturbate introductory sequence?
2. What is masturbation, section for boy and girl?
3. Rules with masturbation, and general health.
4. Where time doesn’t apply to where you masturbate.
5. A full summary of the information presented.

Point Elaborations

Point 1: What is the best time of day to masturbate introductory sequence?The beginning of the animation will start with just narration, having an awkward tone added to the vocals in order to emphasize the difficulty of talking about the topic, but will quickly break the ice by becoming very open.

Having the Typography in this first sequence being perfect will be pretty important, just for getting the initial theme of the animation across. We will also be introduced to our two main iconography figures in this sequence, the male, and female.

Assets needed for sequence
  • Main Title (1)
  • Fonts Animation
  • Male Icon Figure (Main)
  • Female Icon Figure (Main)
  • Background Image (1)
  • Speech Emotion Animation
Message for this section

This section is the “Ice Breaker” so having the tension broken very quickly will be the main theme.

Point 2: What is Masturbation?

This part more or less covers the whole animation, telling the audience what were all working with, (Penis, Vagina, Anus and Breasts) and the acts associated with them. It’s worth mentioning about the reason people masturbate and how you may discover it. Also, the introduction of slang terminology will be introducing here so people know what they are doing, literally.

Assets needed for this sequence
  • Male Icon Figure (Main)
  • Female Icon Figure
  • Background Image (2)
  • Informative Ring Positions
  • Mayonnaise Bottle
  • Hot Dog
  • Counter
  • Dildo (1-3)
  • Cucumber
  • Tree
Message for this section

This part of the animation tries to give the audience what is involved with masturbation, and the different kinds also explains some object which can be associated with it.

Point 3: Rules of Masturbation, and Health

In this section, we begin to get onto the actual topic of the animation, but first, it needs to be spoken about is general health. This part will say why it can be healthy to masturbate, but too much could be very unhealthy (Regulate your usage).

Using an incident back in February 16, 2016, where a man literally masturbated himself to death, by jerking off 56 times. Say the normal is about once or twice, but never go to that extreme.

Once the health rule has been established the humor of the animation will begin, begin to elaborate on the general rule of when might be the best time to masturbate, e.g. night and day. This is a good time to use the parent walking in on you joke, as a good way of closing out this section.

Assets for this sequence:

  • Male Icon Figure (Main)
  • Female Icon Figure (Main)
  • Male Icon Figure (Exploding)
  • Room Backdrop
  • Female Icon Figure (Mother)
  • Music Notes (Emotion)
  • Illness (Emotion)

Message for this section

It's okay to masturbate, just try to regulate yourself and stay healthy whilst doing it. Don’t be excessive and don’t be over the top. Also the idea that doing it too much can give you horrible side effects like depression and dependence on feel good chemical will be touched upon.

Point 4: Where time doesn’t apply to where you masturbate

Another area would be not doing it in public, so using a café as an example would be very key. The lights would be turned out; a bunch of people would be sat down in a café. But the idea is implied that a girl in the center is doing something inappropriate. The lights turn on and it is revealed that she is merely wiping down a table.

Then the fully stupid part of the infographic starts, showing examples of areas that do not apply to the rules of time, e.g. underwater, the moon or the sun.

Assets for this sequence:

  • Male Icon Figure (Filler x5)
  • Female Icon Figure (Filler x5)
  • Female Icon Figure (Main)
  • Male Icon Figure (Café Worker)
  • Café Backdrop
  • Café Backdrop (No lights)
  • Male (Scuba)
  • Female (Astronaut)
  • Sizzling (Emotion)
  • Underwater Backdrop
  • Moon Backdrop
  • Flag
  • Sun Backdrop

Message for this section

This is meant to explain the idea of privacy and where you should and shouldn’t masturbate. By giving the two extremes of examples, e.g. a café and the moon, this should be able to should the idea that there is a limit to what can be done.

Point 5: Full Circle Summary

This last section would basically summarize everything that has been shown in the animation. The main message being has fun, be responsible and don’t explode.

Assets for this sequence:

  • Happiness (Emotion)
  • Female Icon Figure (Main)
  • Male Icon Figure (Main)
  • Male Icon Figure (Exploding)
Message for this section:

This is more or less a sum up of what is included in this topic, afterwards, don’t walk away think you learn nothing or didn’t giggle. This should be informative so whilst you want to keep this professional, keep it humorous as well.

Full Asset’s for Creation


  • Male Icon Figure
  • Female Icon Figure
  • Female Icon Figure (Mother)
  • Male Icon Figure (Exploding)
  • Male Icon Figure (Café Worker)
  • Male Icon Figure (Filler 1)
  • Male Icon Figure (Filler 2)
  • Male Icon Figure (Filler 3)
  • Male Icon Figure (Filler 4)
  • Male Icon Figure (Filler 5)
  • Female Icon Figure (Filler 1)
  • Female Icon Figure (Filler 2)
  • Female Icon Figure (Filler 3)
  • Female Icon Figure (Filler 4)
  • Female Icon Figure (Filler 5)
  • Male Icon Figure (Scuba)
  • Female Icon Figure (Astronaut)

  • Informative Arrows
  • Hot Dog
  • Mayonnaise Bottle
  • Cucumber
  • Tree
  • Dildo (Size, Stumpy)
  • Dildo (Size, Long)
  • Dildo (Size, Wide)
  • Flag
  • Fonts Animation

  • Filler Backdrop (1)
  • Filler Backdrop (2)
  • Filler Backdrop (3)
  • Filler Backdrop (4)
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom (Day)
  • Bedroom (Night)
  • Café (Lights On)
  • Café (Lights Off)
  • Underwater
  • Moon
  • Sun


  • Suprise
  • Confusion
  • Anger
  • Silence
  • Sizzling
  • Sickness
Personal Notes

The asset creation list may seem large but it shouldn't be too difficult to create all of the assets due to the simple style of the animation. Not all of the assets will be animated so animation should also be reasonably easy to create. The only two potential problems would be the sound for the animation and the typography as I've never done typography before. Also Syncing the words to the audio could be problematic.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Maya Tutorials: Model UV's 30/01/2017

Front Render

Rear Render

Torso UV's

Eye UV's

Face UV's

Lower Body UV's

So it turns out how you model something heavily affects how easy it can be to lay out the UV's. Unfortunately, I had to remodel the head, three times. The first model was not unfolding correctly, the second time the file became corrupted and unusable so the UV's your seeing now are the third attempt at this.

It's not spot on with the tutorial but as a UV map it works, the UCA UV grid seems to fit nicely and the grid doesn't stretch as much as it used to. So from now on, I will need to model things very carefully, because this stage can be very painful.

Now it's time for skinning and rigging.

Dissertation Build-Up: Research 30/01/2017

Essay Title Names:

Augmentation, its Purpose, and its Portrayal in all Media

Augmentation, It's creative potential and its creative potential and its creative potential and It's Creative Destruction

Augmentation and It's Interpretations

Creative Augmentations 101

Why Change what doesn't need Replacing? Augmentation

Creative Evolution-Augmentations and Bionics

Book Sources:

Robots: The Quest for Living Machines (1992)
Chapter 7
Pg: 194-203
Quote 1.
"For example one scientist, Joel Kingsolver, has noted that the techniques used in butterfly feeding and thermoregulation exploit physical principles that can be found 'in the operation of many machines.

When we explore specific biological strategies in detail, we encounter a close adherence to what a tightly engineered design makes possible. The characteristics of constituent materials, for instance, are exploited to make biological systems as resilient as possible." ~ Geoff Simons (1992)

Digital People: From Bionic Humans to Androids (2004)
Pg 172
Quote 1
"In both natural and artificial beings, the senses are bridges between the physical operations of a body and the higher operations of a brain or a mind. These sensory bridges carry us into the mental make-up of a digital being: its intelligence, its rational thoughts, its feelings if any, and - if any - its consciousness" ~ Sidney Perkowitz (2004)

The Cyborg Handbook (1995)
Part 3-3.1,
Pg: 142
Quote 1
"On the darker side, children are themselves becoming commodities. As people drastically limit their quantities of children, the seek to improve the chances for high quality according to their own standards, including heredity and sex preselection. Through postmodern approaches, one can now supplement quantity control with quality control" ~ Adele Clarke (1995)

Nanoethics-The Ethical and Social Implications of Nanotechnology (2007)
Chapter 13
Pg: 178
Quote 1
"Should We Play God with our Brains?
This question may seem to have a double meaning. First, it asks whether we should physically modify our brains. Second, it asks whether we should employ out brains in deciding whether or not to play god. Perhaps it implies that only one without brains would play god. Be that as it may, it is the first of these meanings that will occupy us here" ~ Ted Peters (2007)

Chapter 13
Pg: 181
Quote 2
"How do we know what human nature is? How might we know when we have changed or violated it? The answer most frequently offered in this intuition. We intuit what is natural. Now this intuited knowledge could either be rational or emotional." ~ Ted Peters (2007)

Cyberspace/Cyberbodies/Cyberpunk: Cultures of Technological Embodiment (1995)
Chapter 5/Postmodern Virtualities
Pg: 79
Quote 1
"The discussion of postmodern culture focuses to a great extent on an emerging new individual identity or subject position, one that abandons what may in retrospect be the narrow scope of the modern individual with its claims to rationality and autonomy" ~ Mark Poster (1995)

Media Sources:

Halo Franchise-Asset-Child Soldiers/Influence and Augmentations

Purpose of Topic:

The Essay is based upon the ideas of augmentation, and how it is portrayed in the media. The idea of child soldiers is something wrong on a humanitarian level, but logically this option will yield better results.

This will be one of the main topics of the essay, the idea of humans created for a single purpose, and a single purpose only is something that is questionable, removing the ability of a human to choose their own fate, their own destiny.

Destiny Franchise-Siva Technology and Fallen Splicers Way of Life, Machine Gods

Purpose of Topic:

In the lore, the technology of SIVA, is a self-replicating Nano-Technology, create with good intention. When this technology falls into the wrong hands however the tech takes on a whole new meaning.

The idea that technology is some sort of god and living beings that infuse themselves with that technology in order to become gods is a topic which can elaborate on the darker sides of augmentation. Granted the species using the tech is not human, but still, this idea came from a human mind, so the intention could potentially be there.

Dues Ex Franchise-Asset-Recreating a Human

Purpose of Topic:

Now Deus Ex has people replacing their limbs that are supposedly better than their original limbs. Now, this topic will feed into the design of bionics and prosthetic limbs. The idea of replacing something to give it a function, or regain a function after it has been lost is good.

This would be the first topic talked about because of two things. The first being how augmentations can be a good thing and not be too disgusting because its giving back purpose to something which was lost (Adam Jenson).

The second will be about the designs of most prosthetics, and how Postmodern they are. Designed by Humans, for humans.


Halo Franchise-Asset-Armour Design/Purpose

Purpose of Topic:

The armor in the Halo franchise, also known as MJOLNIR, is an exoskeleton/armor mean to enhance the user's abilities. Known for being incredibly tough this armor would obviously be beneficial to anyone who would wear it.

Well, that would be the case except the person wearing either needs to be incredibly strong or augmented. If the user is not powerful enough, then the power of the suit literally crushes the user from the inside.

The general design of the armors are based off real military tech, but where that influence becomes postmodern is not very well understood. Also, the idea of a human being made to fit a suit rather than a suit being made to fit a human.

Deus Ex Franchise-Asset-Augmented Abilities

Purpose of Topic:

As known in the Deus Ex Franchise, you are put in the boots of Adam Jenson, a security Gaurd who ends up in a horrible, near death accident. Fortunately, he is rebuilt, and with augmented powers.

Now there are two points that should be elaborated upon, the first being once again replacing what has been lost, and the second is having superpowers.

Now having these powers through means of technical ascension can portray people who have augmentations are more superior than normal people. These supposed fake Postmodern ideals can give way to people becoming 'Super'humans?

Also the fact that Adam is portrayed as some sort of angle, somehow reinforcing that he is divine through technology?

Metal Gear Solid Franchise-Asset-Audio Logs, Questioning Huey [2]

Purpose of Topic:

In Metal Gear Solid VI, a man known as Huey is captured and questioned. Now, most of the audio by Huey is rather annoying and repetitive, apart from on section called 'Question Huey [2]', specifically Clone Research [1] and Clone Research [2]. In these logs, Huey begins to elaborate on some information he has heard.

In this, the idea of cloning people is mentioned, but it goes even deeper when he mentions an anonymous person known as Dr. Clark is trying to find a way to alter the physical code of human beings.

It is explained that every cell nucleus in an organism contains the genetic information for that organism, like a blueprint for life. Dr. Clack supposedly is attempting to decode the information at will, so that custom made humans beings would actually become a thing.

The quote Huey uses, and quote, "If Genes serve as the blueprint, then I wonder if they include an impulse that drives us to tweak the design? Can you imagine that? Genes encoded with information that wants its children to decode it. Is life itself putting the direction of our next evolution in the hands of scientists?"

Now, this is only a piece of lore within a game, however, the technology and idea for this concept is something that can be brought into the real world, but a much scarier question comes from this. Which idea influenced the other first, Huey's ideas or real world tech?

Main Essay Topic

Our portrayal of human/life changing/altering in all media can range from far-fetched to scarily realistic. The bridge upon this topic is packed with information that has not really been touched upon yet, so having a look at how postmodernism has influenced these changes and the results it could yield realistically can be quite scary.

The main question for the essay is How accurate will the portrayals of our current day media depictions of augmentation be in the future, and will augmentation be the right or wrong thing to do?

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Maya Tutorials: Maya Max, Flip Animation 29/01/2017

Right, I wanted to get a couple bugs out of the way with this animation, so that's why I wasn't uploaded earlier. The whole pacing for the animation now work, now all that is left is the clean-up and refinement, I will probably go back and rework his jump distance because at the moment he leaps a huge distance.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Maya Tutorials: Animation, Key Poses 28/01/2017

Just got the key poses more or less perfect to the video, the were a couple bugs with the legs and head, however, these have been fixed and I am now working on making the motion poses, air time and follow through refinement.

An export of this should be out very soon.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Adaptation Part A: Text Tests and After Effects 25/01/2017

 I'm still trying to work out the theme for the whole animation, however, I have found the correct fonts for the animation, so here are a couple tests I made.

Also, I've been trying to get back into the swing of AE ready for production, so here is what I've come up with so far.

After spending the day rejogging my brain on how animation in AE works, coming up with a few more of these should be no problem.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Mudbox Tutorial: Applying Knowledge 24/01/2016

Coin Render 1 
Coin Render 2

I still want to work on the little robot, but I took the stuff shown in the lesson and applied it to something else.

Maya Tutorials: Character Modelling 24/01/2016

Build-Up 1 

Build-Up 2

Build-Up 3

Build-Up 4

Build-Up 5

Build-Up 6

Build-Up 7

Build-Up 8

Build-Up 9

Build-Up 10

Build-Up 11

Build-Up 12

Final Model Face

Final Model Front

Final Model Rear

Final Model Boots

Final Model Gloves

Okay, now to summarize this bad boy. 

This is by far the longest I have spent on a single Maya Tutorial, period. The final character which has been created has also been organized and cleaned ready for rigging, skinning, and UV'ing. The main reason that this took so long was because of the learning curve.

I have a thing with most tutorials where I don't really follow the tutorial but look at it in steps and try to figure out how it has been done, only using the tutorial when necessary. Whilst some steps like the Boots and Legs were pretty straight forward the torso and hands took a good 4 attempts to get right.

So this is obviously late but I can say that I have learned a lot more about Maya upon completing this task, the main things being general modeling techniques, Pro's and Con's of Orthographic, and a lot of Maya tricks and tools specifically the edge remove tool and slide edge tool.

In future projects, I feel like I could undertake most modeling tasks now on with relative ease.