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Maya/Mudbox Tutorials: Modelling, Sculpting and Technical Progress 31/01/2017

Creating normal maps & exporting them is surprisingly easy, it can take time to export the maps but the process of applying the map is also not to bad.

I'm also working on a way to transfer the normals onto a model, I did try earlier but the export just wouldn't end, I'm going to try this again at some point, hopefully this will yield better results.

Adaptation Part A: Script and Infographic Details 31/01/2017

What is The Best Time of Day to Masturbate?
Main Messages:
It’s okay to Masturbate.What is Masturbation?What are the rules with Masturbation?Teach Masturbation Terminology.Target Audience


Run Time

2:00/3:20 Minutes

Topic Elaboration

Talking about a topic as delicate as this is quite awkward for a lot of people, especially younger audiences. There are other forms of media which can teach these topics, but creating an experience from an awkward topic that people will benefit from is key in the production of this infographic.

The idea of this video is to inform and teach, not influence and stereotype, obviously, stereotypes will be used as a form of explanation in the film but not will rely too heavily on them.

Script Points, In Order
1. What is the best time of day to masturbate introductory sequence? 2. What is masturbation, section for boy and girl? 3. Rules with masturbation, and general health. 4. Where time doesn’t apply to where you masturbate. 5. A full summary of the information …

Maya Tutorials: Model UV's 30/01/2017

So it turns out how you model something heavily affects how easy it can be to lay out the UV's. Unfortunately, I had to remodel the head, three times. The first model was not unfolding correctly, the second time the file became corrupted and unusable so the UV's your seeing now are the third attempt at this.
It's not spot on with the tutorial but as a UV map it works, the UCA UV grid seems to fit nicely and the grid doesn't stretch as much as it used to. So from now on, I will need to model things very carefully, because this stage can be very painful.
Now it's time for skinning and rigging.

Dissertation Build-Up: Research 30/01/2017

Essay Title Names:

Augmentation, its Purpose, and its Portrayal in all Media

Augmentation, It's creative potential and its creative potential and its creative potential and It's Creative Destruction

Augmentation and It's Interpretations

Creative Augmentations 101

Why Change what doesn't need Replacing? Augmentation

Creative Evolution-Augmentations and Bionics

Book Sources:

Robots: The Quest for Living Machines (1992)
Chapter 7
Pg: 194-203
Quote 1.
"For example one scientist, Joel Kingsolver, has noted that the techniques used in butterfly feeding and thermoregulation exploit physical principles that can be found 'in the operation of many machines.

When we explore specific biological strategies in detail, we encounter a close adherence to what a tightly engineered design makes possible. The characteristics of constituent materials, for instance, are exploited to make biological systems as resilient as possible." ~ Geoff Simons (1992)

Digital People: From …

Maya Tutorials: Maya Max, Flip Animation 29/01/2017

Right, I wanted to get a couple bugs out of the way with this animation, so that's why I wasn't uploaded earlier. The whole pacing for the animation now work, now all that is left is the clean-up and refinement, I will probably go back and rework his jump distance because at the moment he leaps a huge distance.

Maya Tutorials: Animation, Key Poses 28/01/2017

Just got the key poses more or less perfect to the video, the were a couple bugs with the legs and head, however, these have been fixed and I am now working on making the motion poses, air time and follow through refinement.
An export of this should be out very soon.

Adaptation Part A: Text Tests and After Effects 25/01/2017

I'm still trying to work out the theme for the whole animation, however, I have found the correct fonts for the animation, so here are a couple tests I made.
Also, I've been trying to get back into the swing of AE ready for production, so here is what I've come up with so far.

After spending the day rejogging my brain on how animation in AE works, coming up with a few more of these should be no problem.

Mudbox Tutorial: Applying Knowledge 24/01/2016

I still want to work on the little robot, but I took the stuff shown in the lesson and applied it to something else.

Maya Tutorials: Character Modelling 24/01/2016

Build-Up 1 
Build-Up 2
Build-Up 3
Build-Up 4
Build-Up 5
Build-Up 6
Build-Up 7
Build-Up 8
Build-Up 9
Build-Up 10
Build-Up 11
Build-Up 12

Final Model Face
Final Model Front
Final Model Rear
Final Model Boots
Final Model Gloves

Okay, now to summarize this bad boy. 
This is by far the longest I have spent on a single Maya Tutorial, period. The final character which has been created has also been organized and cleaned ready for rigging, skinning, and UV'ing. The main reason that this took so long was because of the learning curve.

I have a thing with most tutorials where I don't really follow the tutorial but look at it in steps and try to figure out how it has been done, only using the tutorial when necessary. Whilst some steps like the Boots and Legs were pretty straight forward the torso and hands took a good 4 attempts to get right.

So this is obviously late but I can say that I have learned a lot more about Maya upon completing this task, the main things being general modelin…