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Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': Final Animation 28/04/2016

'The Sixth Sense 1999' Sense'ational 25/04/2016

This film review will focus on the film 'The Sixth Sense (1999)', the plot of the story is a little boy called Cole Sear, who has rare gift and curse, he has the ability to see dead people. When he is consulted by a doctor known as Malcolm Crowe he quickly makes friends with the small child and proceeds to help him, however the plot of this film has one of the best plot twist ending for any film. When the ending is first seen it is slightly questionable and with a few inconsistencies with the screenplay, however after going back and watching it again the screenplay is extremely well done, near to the point of flawless, it sums up the entire film with incredible beauty and perfection.

The film was released in 1999 and was directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan, produced by Frank Marshal, cinematography was Tak Fujimoto and the music for the film was done by James Newton Howard. This film was one of the most successful films of 1999, being the second highest grossing profit…

Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': Blue Backdrop 21/04/2016

No sound yet but the effects are looking nice, a red and purple version are also in the works but taking time to make. Just skip to random points in the video to see the effect in full action!

Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': Intro to Film 20/04/2016


This post will be updated.

Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': Bacteria Evolving Effect

This is the effect for when my bacteria 'evolves' in my final animation.

Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': AE Tests 20/04/2016

Jordans LQ
Jordans HQ
Mayfts LQ
Mayfts HQ
The reason for there being two version of the same video is because I though it looked quite nice, could be a nice influence of the final product. This was an idea suggested by jordan, originally the background was going to be made in Maya but it killed the textures I gave it, so having the background animated in AE looks much nicer.

Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': Text Box Concept 20/04/2016

Maya Tutorial: Hard-skin Modelling 19/04/2016

Maya Tutorial: Organic Modelling 19/04/2016

Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': Environment progress 19/04/2016

Nothing here is solid, all works in progress.

'The Wicker Man 1973' It was Wickered. 15/04/2016

This film review will focus on the film 'The Wicker Man 1973', the story follows the investigation of a police officer named Sgt. Howie, who has been sent to the remote Hebridean island of Summerisle to investigate the disappearance of a young girl, little does he know there is much more going on behind the scenes and the film quickly turns from generic police investigation into a very dangerous game of cat and mouse. The film has a huge amount of religious symbolism behind it, even down to where the film is set decisions were taken to make sure the details all fitted together and made sense.

The film was released in 1973 and was directed by Robin Hardy, produced by Peter Snell, Harry Waxman did the cinematography and Paul Giovanni produced the music. The film was based off of the book 'Ritual 1967' which was written by David Pinner who sold the rights of the book to Christopher Lee who later turned the book in the film 'The Wicker Man 1973'.

The film as a wh…

Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': The Bacteria 14/04/2016

Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': The Cells 14/04/2016

Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': The Antibiotic Bomb 13/04/2016

The bomb is now textured, one down seven to go.

Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': Art Of Pages: Environment @Jordan 13/04/2016

There are still a ton of pages but I wanted to get some feedback on what these pages look like.

Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': Modeling Progress 'Defender Cell' 13/04/2016

Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': Modeling Progress 'Cell' 13/04/2016