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Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': Virus Concepts 27/02/2016 (Thumbnails 43-57)

I quite like this style of drawing just because of how creepy it can look, the viruses are meant to be these creepy alien things or 'Nightmare Fuel'. Usually just inspired by random squiggles and a couple animals these thing do come out really nice.

After Effects Tutorial: Creating a Realistic Camera 26/02/2016

Just a quick little test for my after effects camera work. The model is not mine nor is the animation, I just added the effects.

Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': Virus Creature Studies 25/02/2016 (Thumbnails 11-42)

Just testing out some shapes for the virus drawings, I want the viruses to look like almost nightmarish creatures, dark shadows that enter the body. You can see where I have gotten some of my inspirations from down the bottom, snakes, spiders, sharks, angler fish and mosquitoes.

There are about 30 sketches of little bits that could either be hanging off of these creatures as well as studies of what eyes they should have. Having this black lump on their head to represent the eye could make the creature appear as if it was soulless, making these designs a little more creepy.

Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': Sketchbook Notes 1. 24/02/2016

Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': Art Style Development 24/02/2016 (Thumbnails 1-10)

Fantastic Voyage: Influence Map 24/02/2016

This is my Influence Map for this project, it is comprised of many images which I personally would have taken inspiration for when developing my project.

The topic I have chosen is a slight cheat I will admit because my chosen topic is more or less all four topics, HIV, Zika virus, The immune system and how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics.

My main focus will be on the immune system and how it defends itself and how bacteria gets in, once the logic of how an infection enters it will show how the body deals with this threat, however some threats are more dangerous than others, such as HIV and Zika virus. Also to note is how viruses adapt to antibiotics, this visually will be the main focus of this animation, having visual representations of viruses shown to get certain messages across.

Sound Design: All Three of my Sounds 23/02/2016

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3
So my final three piece came out pretty sweet in the end, audio has always been a little intimidating for me so having overcome this milestone was a huge achievement for me. I really enjoyed this project and maybe I will make a few more of these in the future.

Maya Tutorial: Reflectivity 22/02/2016

The methods I needed to use to get a certain effect on the glass was very confusing at first but now I understand it reasonably well. Having so that the reflection will only react on certain parts of the bottle really makes it look a lot better, rather than having lots of noise spread out randomly on the model.

From Script to Screen Art Of: The Right Note 21/02/2016

Art Of From Script to Screen Art Of

Script The Right Note


From Script to Screen: Presentation 18/02/2016

From Script to Screen: Concept Art 18/02/2016

'Jaws 1975' It's Jawdropping! 17/02/2016

This film review will focus on the film 'Jaws 1975', this film is one of the most recognizable films of all time. This is one of Steven Spielberg's best pieces of work and set him up later for him other films such as Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and E.T. A fun little fact is near the end of the film during the fight with the shark you can spot white lines appear across the sky, those were actually shooting stars! The were not edited in but happened on set.

The music for the film is some of the most recognizable you will ever hear, the iconic 'Dun Dun - Dun Dun - Dun Dun' noise signaling build-up and anticipation is known by almost everybody. The film was directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Richard D. Zanuck and David Brown, the screenplay was done by Peter Benchley and Carl Gottlieb, the cinematography was done by Bill Butler and the music was done by John Williams.

Jaws is an amazing film, whilst still having some flaws due to problems with the mechanical s…

From Script to Screen: The 'BIG' Post 14/02/2016