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3rd Year: Arnold Render Settings & Lighting Tests

So the Skydome lighting setting can be hooked up with a HDR dome, which is super useful and super handy for creating realistic lighting. I've also worked out that just cranking up the 'camera(AA)' doesn't always get rid of the grain/noise. Depending on where the grain is coming from it may be an idea to crank up your diffuse.

So sometimes you can get noise in Arnold renders, now there a number of different ways this can be done, usually it is either to do with 'camera(AA)' or 'Diffuse' in the render settings. Usually cranking these up will fix it, but it will affect your render times very drastically.

I've also been working on some Bifrost stuff, but don't tell anyone! 

Still need to work out how everything else works,but so far this is looking pretty cool!

3rd Year: Minor Project, The 'Five' Birds

So the basic premise for my animation is five male birds trying to woo over a single female bird, by using their skills they should be able to grab the females attention easily right?
I've looked at a lot of 'Exotic Birds' in order to give me a wide pool of birds to bring into this animation, so each of these birds will have a theme or method, to try and woo the female bird over.
I'm going to do individual post in regards to their themes so I have a lot of material to work with, but here is a broken down version for now.

Bird of Paradise - Beauty

The bird of Paradise is typically known for its splendor and beauty, showing off all of its colors in a variety shapes and colors sort of like a feather dancer.
Frigate Bird - Singing

Frigate Birds may be thieves in nature, but they have one of the most impressive displays in order to attract a mate, puffing up and air sac in the middle of their chest with reach huge sizes, it almost sings in order to attract a mate.
Palm Cockat…

3rd Year: Rendering Mathematics and Equations

This is an equation I've made so that I am able to calculate how long something is going to batch render, so that I may take this variable into account in project management. Now this is only a single equation, so I'm pretty sure there are better ways of doing this and this has probably been done before, but I wanted to see if this could be applied in a realistic work scenario, and so far it looks like this thing works.
The Equation
R = (m/h) = 1f (m x fs) = m(x fs) or (h=(m)) m\24 = d = aoa
Equation setup:
r = Resolution f = Frame
fs = Frames (As in multiple)
s = Seconds m = Minutes h = Hours d = Days aoa = Amount of Animation

Resolution Test Render = (Amount of Time spent on one render) = One frame (Time Spent on one render x Amount of frames (So 60 seconds is a second for 60fps)) = Amount of minutes to render the set number of frames (60 in this case).
Amount of time spend on one render \ 24(How many hours are in a day) = Amount of days required to obtain amount of footage = How long …

3rd Year: Arnold Render View & Arnold Materials

So Arnold (Like Mental Ray), has a number of unique properties, one of which is a render view that renders on the fly. So if you've finished modelling, UV'ing and are ready for texturing, then this tool allows you to look at what you've done texture-wise, real time.
I can see how this will be super helpful to anyone animating or rendering, as this allows you to more or less, preview your render before you've even finished texturing or rendering.
There is also a new material know as 'aiSkin', which is similar to the 'Mila Material' for Mental ray, except certain properties can be altered fast, but doesn't have the layered system mental ray has. It looks really good, but can take a little fiddling to get to know.

Now in Arnold, there is a shader that highlights the wireframe, so rather than either applying a toon outline to show the wireframe, or using Maya Vector to render out, instead you can just use Arnold.

Also, the fact this is also its own ind…

3rd Year: Minor Project, Research @Phil

With birds in their quest for companionship, all tend to follow a similar theme, put on an amazing to get the girls attention. In this list all the birds are males which is surprising, but I can totally see why it is the way it is.

Greater Sage Grouse
Greater Sage Grouse: Mating Display

The Greater Sage Grouse has the innate ability to puff up its chest to a massive size in order to attract a mate, creating two almost like breasts. It also makes a very distinct puffing, slapping noise which almost sounds like a whistle and bongos.
I don't know why, but whenever I look at this thing I'm immediately reminded of a drag queen for some reason? So I might have something to play with there.

Bird of Paradise

Birds of paradise come in a variety of shapes and colors in order to attract a mate, like the rest of the birds, the whole idea is to attract as much attention as possible in order to woo the right gal.
This bird I could definitely …

3rd Year: Arnold Renderer, Image Sampling, Quality and Rendering

So Maya 2017/2018 has scrapped its render known as Mental Ray, and has a new renderer known as Arnold. Arnold is better than Mental Ray, in a sense that it make realism in renders much easier. However, doing anything stylized can prove to be not as easy.
Quality is basically like sampling on ambient occlusion, but its called 'Camera (AA)', so now this will effect how grainy your image will be when you render, however this may need to be altered depending on your scene.
Render quality is what you would expect, still very similar to how it worked before,however, rendering at this high quality took over an hour to do, so if I ever wanted to render at this quality in the future I would need to leave serious time for rendering.

There is more of this coming as I've been working out all the new toys in Maya, so I'm going to post as much as I can so when I start work on my project, I will have all these tools at my disposal.

3rd Year: Minor Project: Ideas

Shotokan Karate Influenced Animation
Ever since I was about six, I've done a martial art known as Shotokan Karate. Generally with most martial arts its easy to forget that Karate isn't just fighting and fitness, but it is also an art, henceforth the name Martial 'Art'. Shotokan is also not widely known as its is a style of karate rather than just Karate.

My main goal would be to produce an animation showing the beauty of the art, create awareness for the style of Karate, but also the benefits and applications of doing karate, so to encouraging people to stay fit, healthy mentally and physically.

Having done this for so long I know a lot of the ins and outs with the sport, smaller things that people may not initial even relate to karate, such as how you go about your day, smaller moves within combinations and even some not well known Shotokan information.

There are a lot of things that could be turned into animation, but the creative process for creating this animation …