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Character Design: Woman Design Progress 27/11/2016

There is still a lot of work to be done on this character, now all there needs to be is more of a sense of 'Character' and less Orthographic. Make her feel more alive.

Narrative: Mad Max Fury Road (2015), Maddie Maxxie 21/11/2016

This film review will focus on the film 'Mad Max Fury Road' (2015), the story is set in a world where everything has been wiped out, humanity has had to restart with no laws, no rules and nothing to stop anyone doing whatever they want. The story follows a man known as Mad Max, who is captured by the group 'The War Boys'. When he escapes he can see there is an issue with no easy way around except straight through the middle, he must then hit this challenge to liberate the people of the badlands, giving everyone freedom.

The Film was released in 2015, was directed by George Miller and produced by Doug Mitchell. the cinematography was done by John Seale and the soundtrack for the film was created by Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg).

So it's time once again to do an 'Actual' film review, feels like forever since the blog last did an official 'Critique' of a film so expect the juicy goodness of a film review here with a twist. There is a topic for this film rev…

Maya: Head Modelling Progress 18/11/2016

I'm trying to only use the tutorial when I need it, trying to figure the whole process out is a little confusing but it can be done.

Character Design: Baby Face 17/11/2016

Character Design: Baby Reworked 13/10/2016

After feedback from the OGR I have now flushed out the design of the baby a little more, looking at the ideas I have as source material for his design. For example, his nappy is mean to look like sandbags, and one of his helmet clips is a dummy.
Also turning the head into less of a soft mushroom/marshmallow shape and taking elements of the actual helmet into the design was quite key. Now at the edges, he has slight curls on the helmet, and the helmet itself is quite a snug fit.

The last edition was the wellington boots, Justin mentioned of how a toddler actually moves, emphasizing a waddling movement, so it only seemed appropriate to give him wellington boots. Plus soldiers usually have heavy boots to protect their feet.

Narrative: B-Movies, The Wolf Man (1941)

This film review will focus on the film 'The Wolf Man' (1941), the story follows a man by the name of Larry Talbot who recently came back to Talbot Mansion. On one eventful Larry finds himself in a fight with a wolf, however, this is no ordinary wolf, it is a werewolf. As time goes on Larry begins to realize his horrible fate, it all lead up to the town going on a great hunt in order to find the beast before it finds them.

The film was released in 1941, was directed by George Waggner and was written by Curt Siodmak and the cinematography was done by Joseph Valentine. 
The topic for this film will be about B-Movies, this film was an assigned task for the years group, so we all had to go find a B-Movie from the 1940's or the 1950's. A well-known B-Movie was The Wolf Man, so in this review, there will be a breakdown of The Good, The Bad, and the Hairy Larry.

What are B-Movies?

B-Movies are films usually made with an extremely low budget with the hope of making lots of mon…

Character Design: OGR 07/11/2016

Narrative: Character & Hollywood, Wild Bill (2011)

This film review will be focusing on the film 'Wild Bill' (2011), the story follows a local hood gangster nicknamed Wild Bill for his previous endeavors, who recently was been released from prison. Not knowing what has happened whilst he has been in prison he returns home only to find out he has two kids who are constantly getting into trouble. When the whole families situation goes seriously south it's up to Bill prevent any harm from coming to his boys.

The film was released in 2011, was directed by Dexter Fletcher and was produced by Tim Cole and Sam Tromans. George Richmond was responsible for the cinematography and Christian Henson was responsible for the music.

The topic for this film will be Character and Hollywood. Now this film may not have been produced in Hollywood but for the sake of explaining everything to do with this topic, this film will be used as an example. Once again expect very little 'Reviewing' of the film as the idea of this film review wi…

Maya Tutorials: Zombie Rig 02/11/2016

So the Zombie Rig is finished and it looks pretty good. there were a couple things I did go back and change however just so I could get some practice with these new skills. The main editions I made were the pupil visibility and the pupil scale.

Turing off the pupils is quite handy and having scalable pupils gives this character a really nice characteristic. By having massive pupils he looks goofy and smaller pupils makes him look vicious.

 The hair was something worth mentioning as the method to rigging them, having so many rotations in one control is quite useful and I will definitely use this in future projects.

Overall doing the Zombie Rig was surprisingly a nice challenge, I have used the Add/Edit Attributes, Connection Editor and Hypershade before but doing this exercise seems to have given me a much better understanding of how all this tech works. It still does seem confusing but it's not as bad as when I first started to use this tool.

At some point I will get around to doi…