Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': Design Logic of the Environment 29/03/2016

The Environment Logic
Okay so I have figured out how the animations background will work. The animation will be showing the stages of how the body will recover from infection. The purple one is quite new, I was given advice to make the environment look more 'Nebular-esk' so I tried to add purple to the mix (Red + Blue = Purple) to show an in between stage of how the body recovers and it made the image look very Sci-Fi. This is just a logic map so showing how I can get my idea across is very key at this point, there is also a lot more to come but at this moment in time getting the environment down solid was a priority for me.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Maya Tutorial: Skinning Leg 24/03/2016

Leg Model
This is the based model provided that I will have worked on.

Paint Skin Weights
So there are multiple ways you can paint skins on, this method includes using the hierarchical parent joint to flood everything, using one joint at a time flood specific regions of 'Set' joints (E.g. Pelvis, Ankle) the do the reverse for the hierarchical parent joint, taking away from that set flood from the beginning.

Component Editor
 So these are all the traditional methods, you can be very precise with how you want your model to move but this does take a large amount of time.

Interactive Skin Binding
Interactive is a very simple way of skinning a model if you need a model to be skinned quickly to a reasonable standard. However the one advantage with this is that it will not be as accurate as using paint weight to make the movement look better, this method is less accurate than painting weights.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Maya Tutorial: Skinning Arm 24/03/2016

Skinning can be quite complex when you first attempt it, but after playing with it for a little bit it is very simple, just tedious. There are a couple ways of skinning, the easiest way to begin this is by using 'Bind Skin'. You could essentially leave your model like this but sometimes a model can glitch or be clunky to animate.