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3rd Year: Animation Frame Rate Testing

Animation is deeper than I think a lot of people understand, we have the potential to tell stories with no words spoken, but movement and action taking center stage. Animation is a powerful story telling tool. But there are a lot of in's that need to be understood, including realism, rubber hosing and a couple technical know-hows.

So in this video I've exported the same animation at 12, 24, 30 and 60 Fps. Whenever an animation is being started, even if the animation is a high frame rate or a low frame, a decision needs to be made by either who you're animating for or what you want to animate it. Generally, the higher the frame rate will mean more work, it means more frames to render and animate.
So some standard frames rates that are expected of either an employer or industry, so in the video, I've exported the same animation about four times at different frames rates so I can break it down.
12 Fps can be found in a lot of older animations like betty boop, and sometim…

3rd Year: Minor Project, Color Maps

So one of the main things with these figurines is their simplicity. Not being made up of bubbly fun shapes, but rather just solid simple shapes, so the picture can portray its creature a bit easier.

So now I have established the characters in these birds, so now it will just be a case of transfering these images into something more artistic.

So these individual color sheets are actually quite useful, because now I can literally cherry-pick the colors and traits that I like and work them into a new design.

So now I've got a much better idea of how I should go about creating these characters, these color palettes will serve me well, in a sense that I now know what colors work with what.

3rd Year: Minor Project, Charlie Harper Research

So I'm doing some homework in regards to how Charlie Harpers work is made, so I'm looking at the work so I can break down his work and turn it into a workflow. So far, the shapes are very simplistic but very intentional and recognizable, so already there are some rule I can make around this.

So in the 2D Illustrations there is a large amount of simple colors and simple shapes used, detailing is done with small solid colors but there is never really any form of shading. Even parts of the world are colored in a way that the main picture becomes instantly more recognizable, so the point of focus on the image is much easier to spot.

But by a long way charlies most significant sculpture which I would aim to use as a primary reference would be this one.

This one stands out to me the most because of its sheer simplicity. Minus the feet this whole model has only four main shapes, its body, beak and tail. Its this kind of simplicity which is quite admirable, so that is what I'm go…