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Animation Toolkit: Submission Post 19/05/2017

Maya Tutorial: High Dynamic Range (HDR) Lighting 19/05/2017

So HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and what it is, in a nutshell, is an image or number of images that have been taken so that they may be used to replicate real-world lighting inside of 3D software. So for people who are creating anything with realism factored in, HDR is most likely used in their work.
HDR images are used in '32 Bit' and have the most information, anything lower than 32 Bit is classed as LDR (Low Dynamic Range). Multiple images are taken on a chrome ball, at different exposures, and are combound in order to create a single image, this is what will be used to create the lighting.
When creating a HDR image in Photoshop, there a function already avalible called 'Merge to HDR Pro', which will basically create a HDR image for us, as well as allowing us to tweak certain aspects of our final image.

Once this is made, the final file can be saved out as either an OpenEXR (*.EXR), Radiance (*.HDR;*.RGBE;*.XYZE) or a TIFF (*.TIF;*.TIFF), I have used Radiance…

Clay Works: Day Two 11/05/2017

I want to talk a little about some of the other ideas I had before I settled on the Anakin head, just because of the build up to some of these ideas I personally though was insightful. The spartan helmet was one of my first ideas to do i clay, however it wasn't within the criteria of what we were able to create as stated on the group blog.
Now Aku is interesting, when I first sketched him I tried to do a multi-layered drawing, pencil first, slight shading, hard pen outlining, harsh shading, coloring and then a final layer of pen ink. This process was much more refined the second time round when doing Aku's head, it a surprisingly simple shape but very hard to pull off effectively, you could spend hours working on this.
I had to scrap this idea as well because I knew it would not work as well in clay as I thought it would.
As said in a previous post I've chosen to do Anakin Skywalker as my clay model, these are some of the sketches I did for reference and I'd like to t…

Adaptation Part B: Project Overview 11/05/2017

Adaptation Part: B, has been somewhat of a mixed bag. On one hand, I think I had quite a good idea that was well thought out and had serious potential but executing the whole idea needed to have gone better. I'm going to split this into the good, bad and ugly to get an understanding of what could be done better for the future and then reflect on the feedback I was given.

The Good

In my opinion, I've come a long way artistically, being able to look at a piece of work I made in either Photoshop or After Effects and say "Hey, that looks pretty nice!" is a big leap for me. I've always felt I have been limited in my creative potential due to my lacking of artistic talent, but I can definitely say I have improved significantly over these past fifteen weeks, as well as take what I have learned and applied it to this project.

The Bad

There is a lot to be said on the negative side of this project, the main sin being not asking for help when I needed it. There was issues/pro…

Adaptation Part B: Presentation 11/052017

Adaptation Part B: Frontline Development 06/05/2017

So once again, cracking on a getting as much as I can. It took me a while to get the sunset highlands feel I was going for.
So I've also figured out how to use the scanners for drawings and such, without losing image quality or having to use loads of layers. So a lot of my drawing buildup work won't go to waste after all.

 I've finally also managed to create the storyboard layouts for the whole production. So I've got a lot of frames to do in a short amount of time, but what I want to achieve is doable.

Acting Session: Week 6 05/05/2017

Over the past six weeks, there have been many laughs, many tears.
We have encountered oddities from a Pianist with an ego as large as his piano,
To a couple where the cat is always been on fire.
Games were played and lessons were learnt, and it has been a blast.

The rivalry between Sharknado 5 and Wildcats has been interesting, and with much pain, I have to declare Sharknado 5 the victors of Cheeseburger Keepy Uppy, so congrats to you guys!

So away from the tomfoolery and onto what could actually be taken away from these lessons apart from a damaged nose. The main things we have learned in these sessions is the conveying of emotions, creating tension, improvisation, high status and low status.
The whole idea of these sessions was to show us how we can put these techniques into our animatons, in order to get more bang for our buck. So for example, if a character has been created with the high status in advance, you can then apply certain traits to the animation, and when you play back…

Adaptation Part B: Frontline Development 05/05/2017

So at the moment, I've been working out how to make the water look good with my current art style, and I think I've finally cracked it. The moon looks pretty good in my opinion and the depth test works pretty well as well.

As for audio, I've almost finished one of the mixdowns for my project, I just need to add a couple more sounds and edit a really odd scream that seems to pop in? So hopefully this will be up soon as well.

Adaptation Part B: Frontline Development 02/05/2017

So right when this project started I had a rough art style I wanted to follow, and how I was going to make this thing. I would have been using a hybrid of some of my old techniques used in Fugitive (creating loads of assets to be put in scenes, to give the illusion of depth.), so I would just be a case of creating the assets and getting them ready for AE.

This was just a rough animation test, but I figure I show off one of the new effects I have been working on and how it will feed into he animation.

I'm still currently working on assets for the boat fight and the knight conflict, so expect those soon, as the next week is the final push for this animation. I did have a slight issue with getting work out for the past little while and now that this problem is resolved I'm going on the full attack in terms of production.

Storyboards have been created so now all I need to do is translate them into Photoshop and some aspects into Maya, so a lot of the work has been done, now its j…