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3rd Year: Minor Project, Frigate Bird Development

The Frigate Bird in the scheme of my animation is going to themed around the idea of a singer.

The frigate has a couple attributes that I really like, and I can associate with either music, singing or some sort of woodwind instrument or brass instruments.
The red air sac could be in the shape of a heart, so that is something to work off, maybe put it in the shape of a heart. The beak could be changed in order to resemble more of an instrument rather than just a beak.

So in order to get an idea for what shapes and ideas I'm going to take forward for my final design I've looked at balloon reference in order to get a better idea for how his air sac is going to work. I've also taken some reference from flutes and saxophones, just because the whole animal seems like more of an instrument rather than an animal. I've had to change up how I usually do thumbnails, but I've come up with a good idea for how I'm going to go about developing these ideas even more. So based…

3rd Year: Minor Project, Artistic Influences 1

So for my Minor Project, I'm making an animation based on birds which will be taken into 3D animation, but I need to learn to stylize my designs and create a workflow which I can take into 3D.
I've had a bit of experience on how to do this before, as well as bring these designs into after effects and really make them pop out. But for now I'm trying to get a really solid art style down so I can really flush out all of my work, and make it look as good as possible.

Charlie Harper
So one of my first artistic sources would have been that of Charlie Harper. Now charlie creates images, or silhouettes of animals, using only basic shapes in order to create artwork which can be recognized as an actual asset, rather than just a pretty set-piece.
I will definitely be using the simplistic shapes to my advantage as its something I have worked with before, also the simplicity of the designs in these designs will definitely be a factor in when I'm designing my birds.

Ori and the Blind…

3rd Year: Maya Class Practises

So I did a post about some of the materials before in Maya, saying how I had worked the basics of it out. Turns out the skin material has a little more depth to it than I initially perceived. It turns out that the 'aiSkin' material is so much more powerful to be expected, the way it renders is almost like rendering real skin. There are three levels, Shallow Scatter, Mid Scatter and Deep Scatter, Shallow scatter would be the top layer of skin, mid scatter would be underneath the skin and deep scatter would be the flesh. That merged with ambient occlusion, specular, bump maps and normal maps, can make something extremely realistic. Now the work flow is a lot more artistic and much less technical now.

So I got to play with some of the materials in Maya today with the Arnold shaders and it turns out some of the, setting in Arnold can be very realistic, but it can take an immense amount of fiddling to get right, especially glass. It takes a long time to render, but the payoff is d…