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'Kill Bill', 'Empire of the Sun' and Postmodernism: Mental Notes & General Thoughts 27/09/2016

Kill Bill & Empire of the Sun, Thought's and Postmodernism

Kill Bill

Kill Bill is a very entertaining movie, having over the top gore, action and story, paired with a brilliant art style for the film makes a generally good watch, but is only suitable for much more suitable audiences.

Kill Bill is almost like a big experiment, changing from live action into animation, then back in live action really suits the film well and gets the plot of the film across well.

Empire of the Sun

Empire of the Sun is a film based in WW2, having one of the best character development methods in a film, changing the kid from unlikable little meatbag into a self-reliant young man, you really come to like the kid by the end of the film.

Both of these films were affected by Postmodernism, Kill Bill being the most obvious of the two. Being made by Quentin Tarantino his influences from Postmodern sources were well known and easy to spot.

Postmodernism Information

Postmodernism is very difficult to write ab…

Maya Tutorial: Isometric Cameras and Facial Rigging 27/09/2016

Isometric Camera

Poma/Facial Rigging

Character Project: Idea Conceptions 25/09/2016

Sound Clip "I need food, I need a bath, I need a bed, I need a massage, I need a manicure, I need to see my therapist. I need a Beer."

Environment Options:
School StaffroomHighschoolWildcard?

Based on the soundclip, a man appears to be putting up with a womans complaining whilst supporting her in some way. Observing from this some sort of 'Carrying Role' can be established by the man. The lines that are also used by each of the characters are heavily related to their gender stereotypes, whilst the woman complains about beds, massages, manicures and therapists the man only complains about not having a beer. so each character is heavily based on the stereotypes of the Clingy, Spoiled Babe and the Gruff, Hardened Neanderthal.

Idea's School Staffroom: Two teachers are moving some gear in a school staff room, the woman has got a tiny box whilst the man has a huge one.Highschool: Two teachers are in a school playground, whilst there are kids running everywhere…

'12 Monkeys 1995' Twelve Monkey's, Two Mental Patients and a Lone Time Traveler, Walk into a Bar... 23/09/2016

This film review will focus on the film 'Twelve Monkeys (1995)', the story is set in the year 2035, where humanity has been brought to the edge of extinction by a deadly virus of unknown origin. With a team of scientists and our main character, James Cole is sent into the past to gather information. However James and his companion Kathryn Railly soon discover that what they set out to do cannot be changed.

The film was released in 1995, was directed by Terry Gilliam and produced by Charles Roven. The cinematography was done by Roger Pratt and the score for 'Twelve Monkeys (1995)' was created by Paul Buckmaster. This film was based heavily on another film made in 1962 called 'La Jetee', the logic being the same which is that a man is sent into the past to stop a great catastrophe from happening. The method used to send James into the past is via severe drugging and neuroscience, same as La Jetee.

La Jetee was also reviewed on this blog a while back, the respons…

Maya Tutorials: Model Posing 22/09/2016

Just practicing some of my posing skills in Maya, it got updated so everything seems a little out of place but nothing that can't be memorized.

@ Phil: Group Project 12/09/2016

Our second year of university is about to start, we've had about three or four months of chill time so I'm raring to get started whatever mysteries and adventures we're all about to embark on.
I'm happy to announce that our group 'Stride Animation' is up and running.

We're still doing some stuff with the branding and blog but expect to see those in their full glory in the future.
Really looking forward to being back and working with the rest of the team to get some rad results for this Christmas!

Summer Post: Bear Doodle 08/09/2016