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Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': All three background renders 02/05/2016

Purple Background
Blue Background
Red Background

'The Blair Witch Project 1999' Beware of the Beastly, Bewildering and Bewitching, Blair Witch 02/05/2016

This film review will focus on the film 'The Blair Witch Project (1999)', the story is about a bunch of teenage students who launch a research program in a legend called the Blair Witch. The Blair Witch is a myth that has been around the 1700's, which speaks of a woman who lured children into her home and drew blood from them. Accused of witchcraft the woman was banished because of he actions, it was also a very harsh winter so she was presumed dead. After a long time people began to report sighting of a pale woman in the forest, but no solid evidence was found. That is when the story takes place, and it shows the terrifying demise of all three students, because of the Blair Witch.

The film was released in 1999 and was directed by Daniel Myrick, produced by Gregg Hale, Neal Fredericks did the cinematography and the music was done by Antonio Cora. The film was based off the urban legend 'The Blair Witch' and the whole film is filmed off only two cameras and when is…