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'The Shining 1980' Mundane Madness 30/11/2015

This film review will focus on how the father, the mother and the son are portrayed as a hierarchy, the hotel's influence on its inhabitance and the designs of the sets in the film. The film was made in 1980, was directed by Stanley Kubrick and Roy Walker was the art director. The Shining is one of the most recognisable, if not the most recognisable horror films of all time, the acting for the film was brutal and the acting was so real that at times it could make you feel a little ill "In accordance with the Kubrick legend, the process of making the movie took meticulousness to staggering levels — Shelley Duvall was reputedly forced to do no less than 127 takes of one scene; Nicholson was force fed endless cheese sandwiches (which he loathes) to generate a sense of inner revulsion, and the recent invention of the Steadicam (by Garret Brown) fuelled Kubrick's obsessive quest for perfection. The result is gloriously precision-made." (Ian Nathan. 2012).

Each character …

Maya Texture Experimentation: Outlines

This Gif is meant to be somewhat of a loading screen, just using textures to make the wireframe a little more bizarre, then altered in after effects, looped and turned into a GIF in Photoshop and it was done.

Might need to give this a little more pop, but for a test it works fine.

Comp Test: Ascend 30/11/2015

I was just experimenting with some laws when painting, I need to get my skills up and this was quite nice, Having the entire area being this nice orange blue contrast then having this centre of attention point (The massive white orb) you get a sense of scale and direction when looking at this image. I would change the colour of the tree glow just because it does clash with the sun quite a lot but it came out pretty nice!

Flash Animation: Side Swing Kick 27/11/2015

Since I am having technical difficulty getting my life drawings onto blogger I have done an animation of someone kicking, the spin is real nice and maybe I will even come back to this and make it look better in the future.

Maya Tutorial: Scene Lighting 5 26/11/2015

This is my final render for the Maya interior tutorial. I have brought the saturation and contrast up a little but overall it came out quite nice!

Maya Tutorial: Lighting Scene 4 24/11/2015

This is the night time lighting tutorial scene, there are two scenes actually, the first was my own Photoshop result not following the tutorial. I do like the top highlight but the second render just looks so much cleaner. Happy with my progress and hopefully the last one will be done today!

Maya Tutorial: Lighting Scene 3 23/11/2015

This is my final image from the romantic lighting exercise, once again I have done this differently, I wanted to give a very warm feel to the image and I think I nailed that quite well. Lighting doesn't seem too difficult now so hopefully I will have picked up a couple traits how to light scenes.

Maya Tutorial: Lighting Scene 2 23/11/2015

This is the final image of the lighting exercise, I didn't stick 100% with the tutorial but it still came out really nice, the green tint was no longer there either so that's good. I personally thing I could have given the sky a little more kick but it looks good.

Maya Tutorial: Lighting Scene 1 23/11/2015

This is my final result form the Maya exercise on Digital McGuffin, I came out alright, the only thing I would fix it the green tint, I couldn't quite work out how to get rid of it but it only makes a small difference. I can see how this would be used in my 3D environment for my project and the effects that could be made from this method.

'Repulsion 1965' If The Walls Could Talk, They'd Say Bad Things about that Girl... 22/11/2015

This film review will focus on how the main house reflects Carole's current status, how people around her are shown/portrayed and the art style of the film. The film was made in 1965, was directed by 'Roman Polanski' and the art director 'Seamus Flannery' was responsible for making the film look the way it looked. This film is described by many as one of Roman Polanski's best works, "It is one of Roman Polanski's most brilliant films: a deeply disturbing, horribly convincing psychological thriller that is also that rarest of things: a scary movie in which a woman is permitted to do the killing. Catherine Deneuve's glassy stare of anxiety dominates the movie" (Peter Bradshaw. 2013). The kind of mood the film gives off is one of fear, unknown, anxiety and danger, because the film is in black and white using colour for symbolism was not an option, however given the technical restraints the film uses symbolism in colour beautifully and efficientl…

Flash Practise: Mr Woo Boo Animation

MR Woo Boo has an abrupt awakening.

Autodesk SketchBook Practise 20/11/2015

Just wanted to practice with this software, it turns out there are a number of useful tools in this program, such as a perspective line tool (Which is super useful!) and the brushes smudge really nicely. The tidal wave was actually  an accident, I messed around with all the brushes and noticed that what I had made looked like a tidal wave! So I worked into it and I came up with this. Personally I really like this just because of the little boat and fish. They look like they are meant to be there and the entire picture just looks really happy, despite there being a tidal wave.

OGR 2.0 Status 18/11/2015

The OGR is having some delays, it should be out tomorrow possibly later in the day but for those who are aware of the OGR deadline, it will either be up later in the day of the next day (20/11/2015)
Once again my apologies.

Project 2: Final Scene Shot and Inspirations 18/11/2015

This is my final shot, you can see I am sticking to victor Moscoso's general design theme but there is a twist. This final shot is inspired by an event that happened in 1963, John Kennedys assassination. The scene you are looking at will be filled with posters, paper and general debris, however no-one is there as if something has happened. This being the case with the assassination, a huge event that altered America, but in the aftermath there is this huge shadow left from where he was gone. I hope in the 3D model I can capture the detail I am looking for in my building and make something 'Pop'.

Project 2: Building Orthographic 17/11/2015

This is an orthographic of one of my buildings, this image is not as much of a strain on the eyes so I decided to take a much more relaxed approach to my colors in this image. Victors work can really play with you mind and with this simplistic design it can be seen as different objects.

'Black Narcissus 1947' The Colourful Sins 11/11/2015

This film review will focus on the uses of colour in this film, how the temple relates to temptation, how satanic themes are portrayed in the film and discussion about the films special effects. The film was made in 1947, was directed and produced by both                   'Michael Powell' and 'Emeric Pressburger' . "To attempt to film such a subtle, delicate story called for imagination, restraint and artistry in writing, directing and art direction. Emeric Pressburger’s screenplay was civilized, worldly, daring and obliquely discreet in conveying the gradual disintegration of the nuns’ psyches" (Ronald Haver. 1998).The film itself was very different for its time, focusing on 'Exotic Topics' such as insanity by seclusion and then having the production designer 'Alfred Junge' doing all of the symbolism so sneakily but very recognisable at the same time is absolutely genius.
The special effects in 'Black Narcissus' were extremely well …

Project 2: Building Thumbnails/Concepts

These thumbnails were made using the models I created in Maya, using Victor Moscoso's artwork as a template to extrude from. Once the random models were made I started masking buildings in Photoshop.

I tried to use the color red to give a sense of danger, having everything in this very scary tone of reds and blues to capture an almost threatening atmosphere really adds to this scene.

Project 2: Thumbnails 81-102 12/11/2015

These thumbnails were abstracts, meant to give an idea of scope and scale, also trying the give a sense of vibration to thumbnails 81 & 84 really worked well.
This thumbnail was an idea of colour picking, seeing what colour went well with each other or fitted the style of victors work. You can see which thumbnail colour mixes I prefer over one another.

Thumbnails 89-99 were trying to get building shapes down, I used Victors images to generate some building structures, then mixed them with different colours. Personally I really like 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9.

Gustodian Lamp Posts 12/11/2015

These are my lamp designs for my city, Victor did work for lots of music bands so I figured I should have some props related to music in the scene. Personally I really like this design as it does not look Modern nor Sci-Fi but this kind of Jolly, easily recognizable streetlamp. Really happy with how this came out.

Project 2: Design Influences 09/11/2015

Building Structures, Designs and Explanations
 The buildings in my city need to have a sense of realism to them but last the same time be able to relate to the design I am going for. Creating a "Tripping City" is a difficult challenge because when you trip everything tends to be moving, however most skyscrapers are usually standing still, and when they are moving they are usually falling down. Using textures to add depth to my building will be crucial because of what the city is meant to represent, having a drugs trip. Most of my building will be following a certain theme, 'Every building from the front will be very intimidating, having this massive black line down the centre almost as if it was looking down on you. As you move to the side of each building however it smooths out and become less hostile/intimidating.' The buildings models themselves will be basic shapes but will still be recognizable as buildings.

The Skybox/Matte Painting Concept
My matte painting will…