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3rd Year: Major Project, Audio Clip 3

Talk about the clipRoles in the clipAnimation focus point This audio clip is from the film 'The Italian Job' (1969), now there is an event that happens, but the who time there is an interaction between two characters, the one speaking being in the position of power. There is also a level of surprise in the audio, showing that the overreaction is fair and justified. The second big factor is the fact that our main speaker who is in a position of power, is talking at someone, showing that he is able to command and instruct.
So key points for animation: There is a level of superiorityThere is a level of surprise in the audioThere is a level of anger in the audioThe main speaker is talk at someone or multiple people The big focus in this animation will be what to do with the blank spaces, showing escalation before we reach the word go! So a sense of comedic timing will be key as well as exaggerating the emotions conveyed through our main speaker.

3rd Year: Major Project, Audio Clip 2

The audio clip is from the film '12 Angry Men' (1957), and features one of the men talking about advertising. Now what interesting about this audio clip is the use of his voice in the audio. The pauses in his voice show a level of intelligence, which will need to be translated through the face. There is only one person in this scene, so there are no high or low status's, but rather a character who thinks he is in a high status, so having somewhat of an ego in the animation will be key.

So key points for this animation: There needs to be a large focus on the face to show my understanding of using the face in animation.There is a level of intelligence in the audio.There is a slight ego in the audio Overall this animation is meant to show my understanding of facial animation, because despite the fact he might not project sound at times, emotion and information can be conveyed through a face without any audio being used.

3rd Year: Major Project, Audio Clip 1

The audio clip is from the film 'Secret of Nimh' (1982) and features the main characters Jeremy and Miss Brisby. Now we can easily identify that there was a level of romance coming from Jeremy, but Miss Brisby is able to brush off this attempt at being hit on. There is also a level of comedy in the audio, so the person in the higher place of power will be Miss Brisby, because Jeremy is trying to woo her over.
So key points for this animation: There is a level of romance in the audioThere is a level of ignorance in the audioThere is a level of comedy in the audio.In this scenario, Miss Brisby has the position of power. Last thing to take note of is that the animation focus in this animation will focus on the comedic timings and how the face can show an array of emotions.

3rd Year: Major Project, Animation in Films

Animation in film has been around for a long time, some films only use it as a minor part, or some films heavily depend on it. How animation is produced in film and media can be a lot more straightforward, but at the same time, it can have a lot of snags that can be a lot harder to work with.

Now the main difference between video-game animation and film animation is that whilst they both still need to inform the viewer of particular actions, a film usually has a single shot to animate rather than taking all dimensions into account. You see, a film is only experienced from one perspective whereas a game could be experienced from multiple. Films usually focus a large amount on compositing, post-production, and spectacle, because whilst the workload would be much larger with creating a film, the work that is produced is a lot more refined than game animation.

Game animation still requires a level of dedication and detail, but some games do lack either the technical know-how or the engin…

3rd Year: Animation in Videogames

Ever since the idea of animation was introduced to video games, there have been a number of ways in which these practices have been used, developed and altered to express a creative outcome. In video game animation there are a couple of things to take into consideration, firstly is that an animation may have to look good from every angle due to your game. Certain traits of animation may need to be exaggerated depending on the art style or activity (Anticipation is used in boss fights traditionally.). How restricted are you with the animation process? If the game is built on a 2D plane, there may not be a requirement for grand, massive actions when all you need to do is move some arms a bit, or alter a face slightly to express an emotion.

I'm going to use old examples and compare them to new examples, show how these principles have been carried over and how they are relevant. Just click on the videos to get a rough idea of what I'm trying to talk about, so you don't have t…

3rd Year: Major Project, Animation Showreels Breakdown

So in order to first create an animation showreel, what needs to be understood is what is expected of an animation showreel?

Well breaking this down into simple terms are these key points:
The main focus is on the animators skillsObservation in animation techniquesIntriguing to watchGood post production. So let's start with the main focus, animation. Whether it be 3D or 2D the main content of an animation showreel is to showcase animation, henceforth the name, 'Animation Showreel'. In this example, it's important to watch not only the quality and detail of animation in this showreel but also its post-production.

Alaa Aldeen AfifahCharacter Animation Demo Reel
So the quality of animation is to a high standard, but more importantly is the clean post-production that can be seen, showing that the animator is not only a skilled animator but a skilled editor too. This showreel is mean to focus on character animation, so focus on the face, body language, composition, and tim…

3rd Year: Major Project, Turning Creative Gears

For my final major project, over the course of the next couple weeks, I'm going to be developing an animation showreel, showcasing my skills as an animator. This project will consist of a consistent posting pipeline, so my progress can be easily tracked and monitored. The whole point of this project is meant to show how to manage a project to a professional degree, whilst showing I know what I'm talking about (e.g. subjects relating to animation.), then proving I can animate to a high standard.

By creating three main scenes using existing rigs I've used before as well as new one, I'll be taking audio clips from multiple sources, and using my powers of interpretation, coming up with a scene to showcase my animation skills. So far I'll be using rigs such as Maya Max and Moom, but I could add more depending on how much work I can get done.

So the main goals for the project are: Produce an animation showreel to a professional standardShow my inner workings of my animati…