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'Only God Forgives 2013' Only God Forgets 16/12/2015

This film review will focus on the film 'Only God Forgives', a story about a man named Julian (Ryan Gosling) who runs a gym but also is a drug dealer. Lt Chang (Vithaya Pansringarm) is this counterpart to Julian, believing himself to be a god and a protector of his own. The film came out in 2013, was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and was produced by Lene Borglum. The movie as a whole is visually stunning! The story itself is also very good. But what lets this movie down the most is the way it is paced, it very static and odd, not much can be said for the actors either, if Julian had walked at normal speed for the film, the film would have lasted 30 minutes."The acting is equally choppy (pardon the pun). Ryan Gosling is required to show emotion in exactly two scenes, surprise in one and anger in the other, but his performance is otherwise so monotonous that his outbursts work as clunky, unwelcome, and hilarious intrusions in the dream-like atmosphere of the film."…

'What If Metropolis?': UV's and Textures

Gustodian Presentation: 'What If Metropolis?' 11/12/2015

"Hi, I'm Thomas Mayfield and this is my project 'What If Metropolis' presentation. I have had seven weeks to complete this project and the final result came out very nice and you will see that later."
"So my artist was a guy called Victor Moscoso, he is an artist who does a lot of psychedelic art for comics and music posters. You can see just by looking at these images that they can be a bit of a strain on the eyes, but you can see the Victor gives his work this really nice simplistic flow to his images. They just look correct, but then if you can look closer into his work all of the shapes have been made in a way so that they have second meaning to them, for example the easiest one to spot is the 'Peacock Ball' on the tail feathers of the peacock. The colors he also picks is also very distinct, the blue and orange on the Egyptian themed posted has a very violent clash with each other, but that is merely reinforced by the purple in-between, giving t…

Final Shot: Gustodian 'What if Metropolis' 10/12/2015

This one shot took 3.5 hours to render and 1 hours to clean up, I can happily say this look amazing! The textures didn't show up as well as I would have hoped but this will do. I though this would look way too Sci-Fi in the end but I was mistaken. The window have a lovely effect to them and really add to this city. The was one minor issue with my scene though, the entire thing is textured, but from how I have set up my texture settings and lighting it has blocked out the textures quite significantly, you can see some of the textures better than others but that would be one of the only major flaws with my environment.

'Suspiria 1977' She's a Witch! She's a Witch? 07/12/2015

This film review will focus on how the world is shown to us as a colourful environment with meaning and not just another pretty set. The film was directed by Dario Argento and the music was composed by 'Goblin' (Music Band). Suspiria is know for its very ineresting art direction and design, although the acting and whole plot was not overly interesting it is the set design that really gives this movie its teeth and lets it stand on its own. "Suspiria" may not always make perfect sense plot wise, but it's a thrilling roller-coaster ride through what may very well be Hell. "Suspiria" ranks as one of the best Italian-made horror films of all time." (phillindholm)

When the film first starts we can see a number of random events happen, people dying, chaos and general fear being spread. Suzy Bannion (Jessica Harper) is a young girl from New York who has travelled far to fulfil her dream, the journey in the taxi scene is very distinct from the rest of th…

Maya: Texture Test 30/11/2015

I have tried to create a repeating concrete texture, it works super well and I can't wait to try this on a model! It can also loop which makes this texture even more handy, up close this texture will look really good but from a distance you will probably be able to spot a few areas that needs work.

Maya: City Experimentation 04/12/2015

Trying to get a texture that could have 'Pop' and still be recognised perfectly as an object is key in my city. I made a texture as well as the bump map so they were identical, the by altering setting I got some really good results. The texture really messes with your eyes but you can still tell its a cube, this process should be used in my final city. When I was doing some of the props I realised that the skybox/sphere I had made reflected my bridge, after some considerable tweaking I got this cool wavy effect to the model, I'm not sure how I will go about doing this but if possible I know some materials I will use can also reflect a little bit like the sky, so maybe I could form some other shape via reflections.

 The texture test went really well! This little sphere ended up looking rocky in the end which is something I will use 100% for some of the pieces in my scene, I would like the text to have a little less 'Noise' and be a bit softer but other than that can…