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3rd Year: Major Project, Audio Clip 1

The audio clip is from the film 'Secret of Nimh' (1982) and features the main characters Jeremy and Miss Brisby. Now we can easily identify that there was a level of romance coming from Jeremy, but Miss Brisby is able to brush off this attempt at being hit on. There is also a level of comedy in the audio, so the person in the higher place of power will be Miss Brisby, because Jeremy is trying to woo her over.

So key points for this animation:
  • There is a level of romance in the audio
  • There is a level of ignorance in the audio
  • There is a level of comedy in the audio.
  • In this scenario, Miss Brisby has the position of power.
Last thing to take note of is that the animation focus in this animation will focus on the comedic timings and how the face can show an array of emotions.