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3rd Year: Minor Project, Female Red Capped Manakin

The female red capped manakin is going to be the bird which the other birds are fighting over in my animation.

Now already the female manakin bird is the prize for whoever is able to woo them with an amazing display. We have the frigate birds singing, the Palm cockatoos drumming, the bird of paradises dancing and the African Crowned Cranes size and majesty. But shes looking for something a little closer to her. She is the prize to fight for, but who will be the one she decides to fall in love with?

So already I have a fair amount to work with since I'm technically doing two of the same bird, so some of the shapes I can derive from the male manakin bird, but this lil cutie should have her own little kinks as well. So to begin with it can already be seen in her color pallet that she has a prominent use of greens and yellows, almost like some sort of meadow, so taking that in mind I'm using things like moss and trees into account when designing her. Making her feel 'soft' and 'gentle' will be a key part of this design. The trophy aspect will be worked into the design in a sense that she is not an object but she is a prize to be won over, who knows, this little bird may not even be won over by any of our contestants. May the best Man/Bird/Avian?, win.

Technically the design of this bird is not finished, I'm going to use whichever male manakin bird design as a template or the female, but I still needed to work out colors and what-not so this little exercise working on the girl was really interesting.

I did get a couple favorites per usual, those being 1, 2, 3 & 6.

Thumbnail 1

Thumbnail 2

Thumbnail 3

Thumbnail 6


  1. I like 1, 3 and 6. I would make the chest less concave on 3 and give her a longer tail, as it would make her look a little more feminine. Really love all of them though, they have a lot of character :)


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