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3rd Year: Minor Project, Artistic Influences 1

So for my Minor Project, I'm making an animation based on birds which will be taken into 3D animation, but I need to learn to stylize my designs and create a workflow which I can take into 3D.

I've had a bit of experience on how to do this before, as well as bring these designs into after effects and really make them pop out. But for now I'm trying to get a really solid art style down so I can really flush out all of my work, and make it look as good as possible.

Charlie Harper

So one of my first artistic sources would have been that of Charlie Harper. Now charlie creates images, or silhouettes of animals, using only basic shapes in order to create artwork which can be recognized as an actual asset, rather than just a pretty set-piece.

I will definitely be using the simplistic shapes to my advantage as its something I have worked with before, also the simplicity of the designs in these designs will definitely be a factor in when I'm designing my birds.

Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the blind forests artwork is so colorful and full of life. The colors used in the game as vibrant, the camera blurs at certain movements and the whole experience just is very smooth, there never being any points where it looks either too choppy or disconnecting.

Some elements I will probably use are the uses of color and the deception of depth in its environments. The setting for the game does seem a little too magical for my animation, but I still need to use some of the methods in the color choice in order to get the whole animation to make sense.


Oxenfree is a very simple game, but its art-style is very reminiscent of that of Charlie Harper. The characters seem really simplistic but because of their animation and their scale they seem to be more alive than they seem to be. Its use of color is a little to dull to use in my animation, but I do love the use of shapes in this game.

So i might attempt to use some of the colors that this game tries to express, just with a little more, punch. But I will probably use Oxenfrees simplicity and its shapes in order to create believable and deep animation, by using deception of scale.


  1. Hey Tom - as we established early on - this is an animation-centric project, which means the environments can be as simple as a painted backdrop. I don't want your attention or your energies to go on environment - give your full attention to the design of your birds. Make a start please - no further delay. It's very straightforward - five actual birds need to become five stylised birds that are designed in such a way as to make their modelling and their animation as immediate and fit-for-purpose as possible. Let's see some drawings on here asap... your blog should really be looking a lot more like this from now on...

    You have a specific and non-ambiguous job to do... do it please!


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