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3rd Year: Maya Class Practises

'aiSkin' with textures applied,
Modelled provided by 'Eat 3D'

So I did a post about some of the materials before in Maya, saying how I had worked the basics of it out. Turns out the skin material has a little more depth to it than I initially perceived.
It turns out that the 'aiSkin' material is so much more powerful to be expected, the way it renders is almost like rendering real skin. There are three levels, Shallow Scatter, Mid Scatter and Deep Scatter, Shallow scatter would be the top layer of skin, mid scatter would be underneath the skin and deep scatter would be the flesh. That merged with ambient occlusion, specular, bump maps and normal maps, can make something extremely realistic. Now the work flow is a lot more artistic and much less technical now.



'aiAmbient Occlusion'

Desk Scene

So I got to play with some of the materials in Maya today with the Arnold shaders and it turns out some of the, setting in Arnold can be very realistic, but it can take an immense amount of fiddling to get right, especially glass. It takes a long time to render, but the payoff is definitely worth it.