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Summer Work: The Daily Update!

Ribbon Spine Created 
Rig Fully Created

Knee Skinning Refinement

Head Connections Reworked 
Fingers Skinning Refinement

Arm/Shoulder/Elbow Joints Refined

Neck Skinning Smoothed

Ribbon Spine at Work

Initial Leg Skinning Refinement

Legs Fully Skinned and Smoothed

Pose Space Deformers, Arms

Pose Space Deformers, Wrist
Pose Space Deformers, Pelvis

Pose Space Deformers, Boots

Model Fully Skinned

Skinning in a weird way is a lot like modeling, You have to constantly refine, refine, refine, until you either get something that works or something your happy with. Like UVing however, this process can be a little hard to figure out but gets easier the longer you do it.

It is important to save a lot of your work though, as well as name and organize everything, having the joints named in the skinning menus is super handy rather than having to constantly look at your model, your rig, the menu, and rinse and repeat. Doing this just creates so much less work for yourself, and helps you even further down the development line.