Monday, 19 June 2017

Summer Work: The Daily Update!

So After a lot of consideration, I decided to go back and remodel my head for the JPJ tutorials. The main reason I did this was so I can get a better idea of the process of modeling, something which I personally felt lacking in. I can now say whilst I still have a lot to learn, redoing this has been a really nice challenge.

Head Model, First Version
Head Model, Second Version

As you can see, there is a huge difference in the qualities of the model, both at first glance and under the hood. In general, the geo has been massively improved, history issues have been fixed and the whole thing is just generally a lot nicer to look at.

So yes I did start this from scratch going back to the original tutorials and I now need to fix the body and hopefully, I shouldn't have too much work to do.

Overall I'm super happy looking back on this, it has been a nice little challenge in Maya, and I now feel much more confident in my modeling abilities. So hopefully lets keep up the consisentcy with these posts and see what happens!

Hardware Render

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