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Summer Time: Daily Update!

Right, so I need to make this a habit. During this summer period, I've had a little time to reflect back on the previous project and see the main things I need to improve, so I've got a little list of things that I should go over.

One of my main weaknesses is my time management, so after a long time and a couple conversations, I've gotten a solid time plan in place for the next couple weeks and I have a generally good idea of the amount of time I am going to need in order to approach this project as best as I can.

Secondly is consistency and rate of which my work comes out. Now this one may sound a little odd, but at this current moment in time, I have had a bad habit of only posting once every couple days in worse circumstances even weeks?

This creates a number of issues, the main one being having a steady workflow becomes almost impossible to maintain because getting into the correct state of mind with these massive drop offs, rather than consistent updates. Another is understanding where I currently am in a project, not being able to keep track of what is going on is a huge problem, how can I work on a project when I don't even know what it is.

So as of today, I'm going to try my best to do a single post a day. Even if it's a small amount of work or just some text, I'm going to try to make this a habit.

Over the next 5/6 weeks, there are a couple jobs that need to be done, those jobs being, finished the Jet Pack Jones Modelling, Skinning, Rigging, Texturing and Turnaround Tutorials, so I can better prepare myself for what lies ahead. This needs to be done by the 16th of June.

The second one is preparing for my 8000-word dissertation essay draft. This one isn't an immediate issue but is still something that needs to be taken into account. I've already done a fair amount of reworking of my current structure, but I still need to look into certain sources in order to get the best result possible for my dissertation. This one is due in October, but the more I do now, the better grade and less stressed I will be when October arrives.

So the main two goals at the moment are the JPJ Tutorials and Re-Work my Essay Structure.

Now I just want to state this now as expectations following this post might be high, expect if I 'have to' I'm going to try and shrink my posts on blogger, so the size of this post is sort of a one-off, for now. I have got a good structure for getting content out on a daily basis, so hopefully, this little plan I have will go a bit smoother.

I'm treating this a little bit more seriously than I probably need to, and the reason for that I really refining what I know, whatI need to know, and what I don't need to know. One of the things I underestimated was the amount of Maya work that had to be done, so I'm going to really push for relearning Maya's ins and outs.

Fingers on keyboards and crossed I can push myself a little harder this tim4e around and let's see what happens!


I also plan to rework my blog at some point, as there a couple changes I want to make, which include redesigning my blog, layout issues and font spacing, style and color issues.

(Also it would be nice to have a better-looking blog, however at this moment in time this is low prioroty until other tasks have been complete.)


  1. Tom. Have you read your feedback? In your feedback I explain why time management is not your problem.


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