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Clay Works: Day Two 11/05/2017

Clay Head Version 1

Clay Head Version 2

Spartan Helmet Sketches

I want to talk a little about some of the other ideas I had before I settled on the Anakin head, just because of the build up to some of these ideas I personally though was insightful.
The spartan helmet was one of my first ideas to do i clay, however it wasn't within the criteria of what we were able to create as stated on the group blog.

Aku, First Sketches
Now Aku is interesting, when I first sketched him I tried to do a multi-layered drawing, pencil first, slight shading, hard pen outlining, harsh shading, coloring and then a final layer of pen ink.
Aku Head Studies
This process was much more refined the second time round when doing Aku's head, it a surprisingly simple shape but very hard to pull off effectively, you could spend hours working on this.

I had to scrap this idea as well because I knew it would not work as well in clay as I thought it would.

Anakin's Head Studies
As said in a previous post I've chosen to do Anakin Skywalker as my clay model, these are some of the sketches I did for reference and I'd like to think they came out alright. However, the only gripe I have is that the sketch on the left looks more like an old luke skywalker rather than Anakin? Well, Luke is Anakin's son so I guess that problem isn't too bad seeing that they are both related?