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Adaptation Part B: Frontline Development 02/05/2017

Original Art Influences 
So right when this project started I had a rough art style I wanted to follow, and how I was going to make this thing. I would have been using a hybrid of some of my old techniques used in Fugitive (creating loads of assets to be put in scenes, to give the illusion of depth.), so I would just be a case of creating the assets and getting them ready for AE.

This was just a rough animation test, but I figure I show off one of the new effects I have been working on and how it will feed into he animation.

Tank Development
Zepplin Development

I'm still currently working on assets for the boat fight and the knight conflict, so expect those soon, as the next week is the final push for this animation. I did have a slight issue with getting work out for the past little while and now that this problem is resolved I'm going on the full attack in terms of production.

Storyboards have been created so now all I need to do is translate them into Photoshop and some aspects into Maya, so a lot of the work has been done, now its just a case of creating the rest of the assets and finishing this thing.