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Acting Session: Week 6 05/05/2017

Over the past six weeks, there have been many laughs, many tears.

We have encountered oddities from a Pianist with an ego as large as his piano,

To a couple where the cat is always been on fire.

Games were played and lessons were learnt, and it has been a blast.

The rivalry between Sharknado 5 and Wildcats has been interesting, and with much pain, I have to declare Sharknado 5 the victors of Cheeseburger Keepy Uppy, so congrats to you guys!

So away from the tomfoolery and onto what could actually be taken away from these lessons apart from a damaged nose. The main things we have learned in these sessions is the conveying of emotions, creating tension, improvisation, high status and low status.

The whole idea of these sessions was to show us how we can put these techniques into our animatons, in order to get more bang for our buck. So for example, if a character has been created with the high status in advance, you can then apply certain traits to the animation, and when you play back these traits in your head you might find there are more attributes to an emotion that can be conveyed than you might realize.

So acting our your potential characters can give you inspiration for character attributes and animation dynamics, but overall just add a bit more believability to your character. (Not in a realistic sense, but in a relatability sense.)

The last point to elaborate on is improvisation, now traditionally with animation, it is usually planned out. However, the term "Being put in the Shit" could be quite useful for creating storyboards, ideas, and situation for our animations. It might be a small thing but I think that this is potentially the most useful aspect of Dan's lessons.

To summarize, this whole experience has been really eye opening, Dan seems like a seriously cool guy, and I could definitely see how these lessons were meant to show how we convey emotions through animation and add depth to our work.

It has has been a pleasure doing this and even though I won't have you in any of my lessons next year, I will definitely make the effort to join in the second year's sessions.
Seeya next year and thanks for everything!