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Maya Tutorial: Physical Sun & Sky 27/04/2017

The Physical Sun & Sky is built around Mental Ray, so overall learning about how to create rough lighting for scenes, over even a final lighting set-up for a scene, this render can be really handy.

How to get the Physical Sun & Sky
It worth noting that this function is directly linked to Mental Ray, if Mental Ray is not active, then you cannot use Physical Sun & Sky.

Red & Blue Shift (Blue)

Red & Blue Shift (Red)

Desaturated Sky

Hard Shadows

Soft Shadows
 There a number of options in the physical sun and sky menu, being able to adjust the softness and qualities of the shadows is rather simple, just push and pull values until you get something you like. If you want a soft shadow however render times may dramatically increase.

Sun & Sky Pointing at Camera

Final Image Mixdown
The final image was done by saving my renders out as TIF's, then separating them in Photoshop, altering each one, then putting them back together.