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Maya Tutorial: JPJ Skinning 06/04/2017

Ribbon Spine 
Skeleton Complete
 Learning how a skeleton is made for a model wasn't too difficult, but there were a couple points like the ribbon spine and the fingers which were a little difficult. It's interesting to see how certain joints have to be placed in certain ways because of taking skinning into account.

Boots Skinning

Hands Skinning

Arm Skinning

Neck Skinning

Ribbon Spine Skinning

Wrist Skinning

Legs Skinning

Basic Skinning Complete

 Basic Skinning (Before Blend Shapes) is both satisfying, and pure evil. The process for getting basic skinning down is downright painful, but I can definitely say now I would be much more confident skinning something now there I would have before. Unlike the Zombie Rig tutorial, this 3D model has a lot of kinks that needed to be sorted out before progressing.

The actual process for skinning JPJ can be very tedious but it is very simple, some shortcuts work better than others (Converting Edges to Vertices), however, this can mess with a model later in its further skinning refinement.

Blend Shapes: Arm Refinement

Blend Shapes: Leg Refinement

Blend Shapes: Mirroring Torso Poses

Blend Shapes: Further Leg Refinement

Blend Shapes Finished
So now the model is fully skinning and ready to be rigged. I have to say that what I set out to do in this whole production process, which was to try and figure this whole thing ou on my own has been both insightful and the bane of my existence.

Using the tutorials to make notes and apply them to the model was really helpful, and despite the fact I had to re-skin JPJ once, I can definitely say I know most things about skinning. The only real issues I encountered were the amount of time I would spend on certain segments and one really odd bug which duplicated my geometry.

Overall this skinning process has gone quite nicely and I'm ready to start skinning!
Ambient Render 1

Ambient Render 2