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Maya Tutorial: Displacement Maps 28/04/2017

First Render

Mental Ray Approximation Editor

Settings Enhanced

Ambient Occlusion Render

You can also use a vector displacement map as well, which can make your render look a lot better, however, render times could be increased and you could encounter some issues.

First Initial Render

Bounding Box Size Increase

AO Render
The process of creating, applying and testing these Maps can somewhat tedious, and most of the time your left to guess what works and what doesn't. A lot of work needs to be done in the hypershade in order to achieve the results required, but if done correctly, whatever you work this into, it can make your work scarily impressive.

Final Gather Render
Side Notes:

  • Page Up Increases the Poly View (Mudbox)
  • Page Down Lowers it (Mudbox)
  • Shift + D Creates a higher Subdivision (Mudbox)
  • In Maya 2016 (Extension 2) There is no longer a color profile, so the way to fix this is  to change the 'Colour Space File' node to 'RAW' (Maya)
  • Mental Ray needs to be activated in order to use a lot of these features. (Maya)