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Acting Session: Week 5 27/04/2017

This week in acting we had to focus once again on improvisation, however, the twist this time around we were given scenarios to play off of. For example, we were told to walk in circles and had to walk in a particular way depending on the situation, for example, walk as if you were stressed, you walk past an old Ex, or you were walking to a party.

Acting Session 
So the conveying of emotions through subtle motions was key in this exercise, so when we were put into groups and we performed for one another, we were able to get feedback to see what worked and what didn't, tweaking our performances.

Minor Setbacks
Unfortunately, this week in 'Keepy Uppy' the previous record of 87 has been discredited due to the fact the ball was different. So for now, Sharknado holds the current record of 72 for the Keepy Uppy score, but don't worry, Wildcats will bounce back!