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Acting Session: Week 4 17/04/2017

In acting this week in acting, we focused on improvisation again. We have all had a fair amount of practice with acting at this point, and it felt like we really knew what we were doing in this session.

The task we were assigned was a bunch of random objects were laid onto the floor, one person was sent out of the room and the others would select another object for the first person to use. We then gave the object a purpose, like coconut shells being a bra or a book being used as a hat.

This was meant to challenge us to think outside the box. Being thrown into a scenario which you have to learn as you progress was an interesting challenge. I can see how animation can play into these actions, so the connection is there.

In other news, the new keepy-uppy record has now been increased to 87 due to The Wildcats exemplary performance.

Better get practicing Sharknado 5!