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Maya Tutorials: Max Maya Flip Animation 09/03/2017

First Attempt

Second Attempt

Final Attempt

I've tried to experiment with camera angle a little bit to see if I can't enhance the quality of the animation, this has kind of worked but I can even admit it does seem a little jarring towards the end. Hopefully, I will be able to try this again at a later date, and apart from a few bugs with this, I'm pretty happy with it.

I'll be pretty honest and say that this was surprisingly more difficult than I expected, and will definitely look to improve this skill as its something I know I can do well in and want to do well in.

Overall this took me just over 3/3.5 hours to create, and this was the first time I'ver also used a doppler sheet in my methods. Will definitely apply this technique again when I come across more animation tasks.