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Adaptation B: Timeline Re-Work and Maya Experimentation 03/03/2017

So I've gone and re-worked this timeline I had, so now I can start posting my storyboards and environment designs.

Before I start producing all of my assets (And there will be a lot of them), I wanted to experiment with different technologies. Recently I have been messing around with ncloths and nconstrains and I've been able to get a good idea of how they work. With this technology, I could create things like ships, capes and maybe a couple ribbons.

I still need to keep final compositing in mind when creating this because I don't know how long these will take to render, or how long it will take to composite.

I've also been trying to get a theme down for my production and so far I'd like to think it looks pretty clean. My style is pretty minimalist already so I will have to see how I can build off of that and gain a couple more tricks under my belt.


  1. Hi Tom - Take a look at the films I posted on the group blog (link below). Whilst these are not quiet what you're making it is the same method as the one you could use (projection mapping) to create 2.5 worlds quickly. See me next week and i'll explain how. In the meantime watch the films including one by Sam Canon (graduate 2016).


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