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Adaptation B: Post Pitch Feedback Reflection 24/03/2017

So the Pitch for Adaptation Part: B has come and gone, but there a few things I want to reflect on for the future. So after feedback from my pitch there are a couple things to take note of the first being is the way I actually presented the presentation.
I've done a fair amount of testing in regards to this animation, however, I didn't even mention any of these things in the presentation. Things like hard surface modeling, projection mapping and how the animation actually works. There is still a lot of work and Re-Working that needs to be done, but I do believe that what I now need to achieve is a lot more achievable that I had previously thought.

The thing is I had done a fair amount of work but didn't mention it. What I do know to still do is stick to my current art direction, the feedback I got for some of my choices artistically were quite nice! However there is still a lot of work to be done and I'm ready to tackle it head on.