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Adaptation Part B: Influences and Research 23/02/2017

Art Style is something I would feel very passionate about, having a particular minimalist style at times I'm going to try and play to this strength with this decision. In terms of how the animation will look, it will be like a 2D game and will have much more detail even in small little things. Having designs where only minimal design is put in, however, the shape has enough character to it so it can be identified.

The theme for the animation is ultimately about redemption and sacrifice. Britan has been in a few conflicts in its years, and corruption and power have always seemed to sneak their way in. However, there is always a sense of 'There is a job to do, and someone's gotta do it'.

Having the main undertones be about honor, valor, anxiety, and fear will be crucial in some scenes and making sure the message is clear in each segment.

The part that should make this project slightly easier is that there is a ton of references and key resources I can use to interpret these events. This is kind of a double-edged sword, because whilst I will have all of this information available to me, I'm going to have to spend a lot of time refining the designs of my environments.

I have got a first draft of each of the scenes and that they are comprised of on the way, so expect those to be uploaded soon.