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Character Design: Submission 10/01/2017

Project Summary

This project was a nice challenge artistically and creatively. Whilst this project was a rather simple one some of the execution in the workflow could have been much better.

In terms of creative design/evolution from the beginning this project was a clear example how the first iteration of something is not always the best, refining the designs to get a much more satisfying final piece was a good experience.

The digital drawing at times can still be very difficult, however for the system I used to create some of the images, eventually, I got an art style/drawing method down, making creating everything else much less intense.

More effort could have been put into the center of this project, and there are a couple minor flaws with some of the designs, but overall this was a good exercise that can be brought into future endeavours either inside or outside this course.

Soundclip Example

I do feel as I have been able to capture the spirit of the audio in this video and create it into an original idea.

Classroom Practises

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