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Maya Tutorial: Posing Positioning 3, 24/10/2016

Key Pose's GIF
Pose 1

Pose 2

Pose 3

Pose 4

Pose 5

Pose 6

Pose 7

Facial/Hand Expression GIF

Pose 8

Pose 9

Pose 10

Pose 11

Pose 12

Pose 13

Final Animation

I have been trying out a couple AE 'Doohickies' to make the video a little better to watch and I'm now trying out new fonts to make the presentation in my work a little more professional and sharp. Feedback would be appreciated. The pacing in the video is a little 'Off' and in the future, I will attempt not to make the same silly mistake.

I already knew a fair amount before tackling this task so with that in mind there are a couple things I have picked up during this exercise. The main thing being that animating in 3D is like animating in 2D but with a lot more pros and cons.

The con's being that Maya can sometimes have the tendency to crash (Which is very rare with this model.) making all of your work for naught, but the main one is a number of bugs you can have in the graph editor and animation in general. Parts of the body can flip out of control as you have no idea what you have done.

The pro's of it, however, is that if you have ever animated in flash or photoshop, Maya animation is like that but much less tedious in my personal opinion. You don't ave to guess some poses because Maya can simulate them and give you something to work with, whereas drawn animation can sometimes be a shot in the dark.

Overall the practice has helped a ton and will help my streamline my animation techniques in future projects.