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Character Design: Revisited 18/10/2016

Environment Options:
  • School Staffroom-Yes
  • Highschool-Yes
  • Wildcard-No
Okay, so some progress has been made on this project, after having a chat I have had a couple more ideas for this project. I don't really want to use the wild card because of the fact some restriction can give birth to more creative ideas, despite that the wildcard idea is completely free. In the soundclip, there is still a sense of carrying role in the soundclip so I need to take that into account.

Ideas Revisited

1. Staffroom Chaos
A woman appears to be monologuing to herself with exaggerated gestures in a staffroom until the camera reveals she is not alone. The school they are in has been ravaged and smashed to pieces, giving the two teachers the reason to be in the states they are. 

2. Team Carrying:
A skinny jock is doing laps of a track, but his girlfriend is this huge woman and has demanded that instead of her having to run she will sit on his shoulders. The jock is a tiny little stick compared to the girl so disobeying the laws of physic's should make this really ridiculous to watch.

3. Playing make belief:
Two kids are in a playground playing make believe whilst this audio clip plays, they have put on parts of the teachers clothing, near the end of the animation you can see the two teachers have been wrapped up in toilet paper, strapped to a bar on the jungle gym.

4. Team Carrying, Role Reversal:
Instead of the girl being the on the top, this time, it is the guy. This guy is like a fat small child and the girl is a small 6th grader. They are still doing laps of a track but the designs have significantly changed.