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'Kill Bill', 'Empire of the Sun' and Postmodernism: Mental Notes & General Thoughts 27/09/2016

Kill Bill & Empire of the Sun, Thought's and Postmodernism

Kill Bill

Kill Bill is a very entertaining movie, having over the top gore, action and story, paired with a brilliant art style for the film makes a generally good watch, but is only suitable for much more suitable audiences.

Kill Bill is almost like a big experiment, changing from live action into animation, then back in live action really suits the film well and gets the plot of the film across well.

Empire of the Sun

Empire of the Sun is a film based in WW2, having one of the best character development methods in a film, changing the kid from unlikable little meatbag into a self-reliant young man, you really come to like the kid by the end of the film.

Both of these films were affected by Postmodernism, Kill Bill being the most obvious of the two. Being made by Quentin Tarantino his influences from Postmodern sources were well known and easy to spot.

Postmodernism Information

Postmodernism is very difficult to write about because depending on who you ask it has a different definition, so not everything will be in black and white. From what I can understand however Postmodernism is a period of time in which certain events affected the outcomes of some artistic directions.

Postmodernism is pretty much the same as Modernism, but its 'Post', meaning after not before.

Postmodernism effects pretty much all artistic forms like visual art, musical art, literary art or just about any artistic of creative outlet/source.

Another thing with Postmodernism is the way in which it is defined by people, now the main problem is this. When Postmodernism is used in any sort of argument it is a wildcard, the reason being is that when used, Postmodernism, It is a game with everything to lose and everything to gain, because Postmodernism is the 'Biggest, Correct Hypocrite' to ever walk the earth, the fact the word/concept even exists is physical proof of that.

Postmodernism is the views of all people in which is perceived by the individual, if a certain perspective is understood well and easily then it will be easier to follow, like having a simple deal with no string attached rather than having a complex deal where there is small print and illegible technical terms everywhere. The more people that can believe this belief, this is why certain arts (Picasso, Banksy, Zaha Hadid) become so popular and actually become 'Arts'.

Zaha Hadid Architecture

Art Forms

Some art forms could be heavily influenced by postmodernism, as stated certain perspectives which can be understood by the mass amount of people with little difficulty.

1. An artistic work in a style that imitates that of another work, artist, or period
2. Imitate the style of (an artist or work)

Pastiche Example

Bricolage (Collage)
1. In art or literature construction or creation from a diverse range of available things.
2. Something constructed or created from a diverse range of things.
Bricolage Example

Why are these art styles so important?

Both of these art forms have something in common, they both are easily influenced. Take for example the first picture of the Mona Lisa mixed with the lego head, obviously, it's been created for comedic effect, however, what else could have affected this picture?

Well, the fact that the purpose of the picture is meant to make people laugh by taking something very serious out of context and slapping something silly/stupid in its place does the complete opposite of what the original painting is asked to do. The chances that the period of time that this person is living in would have been a big influence on why he/she decided to do this.

Bricolage, on the other hand, is literally using whatever is available is create something artistic, like the Albert Einstien. This could change depending on where the artist lived if they lived in the woods, chances that the sculpture is going to be made out of wood is very high, whereas someone who l9ives in a junkyard would make his sculpture out of junk.

See how easily both of these art forms can be influenced? It would be the same for most artistic outlets.

Jean Baudrillard & Postmodernism

A book that should be read is Jean Baudrillard's Simulacra and Simulation.

Definition of Simulacra:
"Simulacra are copies that depict things that either have no original to begin with or that no longer have an original."

Definition of Simulation:
Simulation is the initiation of the operation of a real-world process or system and time."

In Simple Terms
In plain English the Simulacra is usually the mental origin (Idea Lightbulb) and a simulation is a physical version birthed from the mental "Simulation" (Taking the idea of a lightbulb and physically making a lightbulb.).

  • "To simulate is to feign/pretend to have what one desires, doesn't have."
  • "The simulacrum is never what hides the truth, it is the truth that hides the fact there is none, the Simulacrum is true" (Ecclesiastes)

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