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Character Project: Idea Conceptions 25/09/2016

Sound Clip
"I need food, I need a bath, I need a bed, I need a massage, I need a manicure, I need to see my therapist. I need a Beer."

Environment Options:
  • School Staffroom
  • Highschool
  • Wildcard?


Based on the soundclip, a man appears to be putting up with a womans complaining whilst supporting her in some way. Observing from this some sort of 'Carrying Role' can be established by the man. The lines that are also used by each of the characters are heavily related to their gender stereotypes, whilst the woman complains about beds, massages, manicures and therapists the man only complains about not having a beer. so each character is heavily based on the stereotypes of the Clingy, Spoiled Babe and the Gruff, Hardened Neanderthal.

  1. School Staffroom: Two teachers are moving some gear in a school staff room, the woman has got a tiny box whilst the man has a huge one.
  2. Highschool: Two teachers are in a school playground, whilst there are kids running everywhere the woman complains whilst the man is used as a jungle gym.
  3. Highschool: A jock is doing laps of a track with his girlfriend on his shoulders, the jock is quite small whilst the girl is very large adding comedic effect to the scene.
  4. School Staffroom: A woman appears to be monologuing to herself with exaggerated gestures in a staffroom until the camera reveals she is not alone