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Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': Environment Color Pallets 05/04/2016

Final Concepts and Color Pallets
These are my final choices for my color pallets, there are reasons for my design choices so let me explain.

Red can be a color of pain and hatred, but it can also mean love, the color of blood is red. Certain tones of red can make something appear hostile or dangerous, but when used correctly this can look very nice and loving. Red in the animation is the symbol of health.

Blue can mean freedom, life and cleanliness, the color of water usually. However blue can also mean depression and cold temperatures, having a tone where this is still visually pleasing to look at and recognizable that something is wrong is key here.

Purple can mean mystery, exploration, poison and unknown, purple is a basic mixture of red and blue. Some purples can be the colors of bruises, showing that something is healing. Whilst it still looks bad there is healing going on, also I wanted this to look a little bit like space so the purple did quite a good job of that.