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Project 3 Fantastic Voyage!: OGR 1 02/03/2016


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  2. OGR 04/03/2016

    Hey Tom,

    I like lots of your thumbnails for this project so far - even though they all represent very different approaches - and I'm really not sure what Audrey Hepburn etc. is contributing to your influence map! So I like very much the graphical, yet cinematic quality of your 'Into The Void' concept painting - very dramatic - though what 'the void' has to do with your intended approach to viruses I'm not sure - but then I think you mean 'bacteria' as viruses aren't impacted upon by antibiotics. I like too they very simple paintings of the 3 armed bacteria - again, very graphical and stylish. That said, the black forms with white lights are great, but I also really like the white forms with the black detail... my question is this - they all represent completely different ways of approach the styling of your animation world, but I'm not yet clear what your intentions are - and you seem confused to, because you seem to be confusing resistance of bacteria and viruses as scenarios - especially as you hint that you might also want to include something on HIV and Zika! I suppose I'm a bit worried that you haven't quite nailed down which bit of this mission you're seeking to accomplish!

    Your red, white and black thumbnails really put me in mind of 1950s 'Atomic art' and embracing a retro-theme might really help you pull your visual concept together cogently: for example:

    That said, your black + lights thumbnails suggest something very stylish and minimal - they put me in mind of animations like this:

    I guess my point is that your thumbnails are very exciting and kick-off lots of potential directions in my head... I'd like to see you commit then to one of these directions and develop the rest of your world - and the approach to sequencing your information - accordingly. And do ensure that you're dealing with one of the four scenarios, as opposed to some slightly inaccurate blend of them. I look forward to seeing your decision on here asap.


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