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Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': Market Research and General Research 01/03/2016

My final animation for this project will be based on the topic, how viruses adapt and grow to become resistant to antibiotics. My age group for this project will be suitable for all ages, keeping the animation simple but also very clean. There are a couple areas which I have gotten my inspiration from in regards to my art style, my main inspiration coming from two artists in particular, Timothy J. Reynolds and Sterling Hundley. Sterling Hundleys art style is very distinct because of the fact he focuses a lot on trying to trick the human mind into thinking there is something in his paintings, more specifically his work known as 'Gestal Blocks'.

Image of Gestalt Block, Series 1

These are quite similar in the sense that they are almost like ink blots found in a Psychiatrist, you being to make out shapes in ink blots that aren't there. I wish to active this with my brush strokes in my paintings of the viruses.

The other artist Timothy J. Reynolds has the distinct style of doing most of his work in a low poly/facade polys format. It can give a very childish look to work but when used correctly it makes all work immediately readable and understandable.

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