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Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': Virus Concepts 27/02/2016 (Thumbnails 43-57)

1-15 Virus Concept Images
I quite like this style of drawing just because of how creepy it can look, the viruses are meant to be these creepy alien things or 'Nightmare Fuel'. Usually just inspired by random squiggles and a couple animals these thing do come out really nice.

Numbered Version


  1. I like these too! :)

    Meanwhile... just a gentle prod from me re. completing the Internal Student Survey. Go here for the original post and a bit more info about the survey and why it's important to participate.

    They should have emailed your login details to your ucreative accounts, but if no email has arrived contact and request your login details from the powers-that-be. When you've completed the survey leave a 'done it' comment on the original post - this means I'll stop prodding you - gently or otherwise! ;) Many thanks!

  2. These are cool! I could feel ill just looking at them 😉

  3. That bottom left one is giving me the willies! Keep on truckin' dude! :)

  4. mayft, i just want to see more colour in your concept art, like think of what horror is, it isnt just black its dull-dark tones of colour. I'm only saying this because its become apparent that you resort to black as a way to hide your drawing style, and like it gets boring to see, like just add some dark reds, greens or browns to at least highlight your work. Try experimenting with it, it won't look bad i swear, but keeping to this style off hiding what we're seeing is getting old. Also start numbering your thumbnails, a hard to see drawing is harder to see when it isnt labeled.
    Overall it is looking good, the creatures you've made are interesting to look at :)


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