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Sound & Script Projects: Here we go again! 05/01/2016

Well, the Christmas period has been and gone as well as New Year. Its been about 3 weeks and now it time to start up the work train again which means many, many, many, many, many posts so lets get started!
Project 1: Sound Design
Okay so for the first project we have been told we need to produce 3 x 30 second clip of sounds that we have gone and collected, altered and compiled. All inspired and representing images we have been given, we were all given three different images this time and we have to make a sound representing each (Probably some sort of ambient sound that could go in an environment.)
Image 1
 The first image appears to be some sort of microscopic aquatic creature, this should be quite fun to do as I do love being inspired by alien 'esk' things as I am a little bit Sci-Fi nuts. The general idea for the sound for this will be alien yet very soft, this 'Thing' looks very alien but does not look threatening at all.

Inspirational Words
  • Squishy
  • Small
  • Aquatic
  • Alien
  • Bacterial
  • Gentle
  • Soothing
  • Flow
  • Calm
  • Life
  • Unrecognizable

Image 2
 The second image I am looking the least forward to, if you follow this blog you will know for my last project I had to study an artist named 'Victor Moscoso'. Now Victors work is very psychedelic and don't get me wrong, personally I love his work. Its very clever the way he merges words with color to give and 'Eye Burning' effect, however I had to design a city around his work which was extremely difficult for me. This image brought back memories of the peacock idea I had but never made it to modeling which was a shame, hopefully making sounds for this will be easier than making a city. The image looks very threatening, having this rainbow background but then having big spikes gives a sense of something hidden and dangerous.

Inspirational Words
  • Smooth
  • Scaly
  • Spikes
  • Natural
  • Vibrant
  • Cervices
  • Hard
  • Soft
  • Psychedelic
  • Colorful
Image 3
Image 3 is probably my favorite out of the three, I have always been fascinated by electricity, lightning and thunder. The sight of and how it looks so beautiful yet is so incredibly powerful, not even created by us but by nature, this is nature in one of its most powerful forms. The colors are also interesting, orange, red and green giving it a very 'Data' like feels but still organic.
Inspirational Words
  • Static
  • Jagged
  • Lightning
  • Organic
  • Hard
  • Flow
  • Natural
  • Synthetic
  • Spikey
  • Sudden
  • Ricochet
I have never really done any form of sound design so doing this should be a delightful and satisfying challenge.
Project 2: From Script to Screen
In this project we have been task with creating a script for a story, make a story board for that story, create all the assets for it, showcase it and doing everything you would need for an animation except for the actual animation. We have to do a pre-vis animation for it but nothing solid or set in stone as there would not be time.
We are meant to be inspired by three things, those things being a character, an environment and a prop. I have majorly lucked out in this project because I have gotten a Stuntman, a Film Set and a Piano. These all almost go hand in hand with each other so well it is almost scary.
I do have some concepts ready to be made but nothing solid right now so expect more written posts from here on out for a while.