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Re-worked story concept 'Glazed and Dazed': 27/01/2016

Story Plot 2.0:

1. The story starts off with a Stuntman Poster showing how great this guy was, then the camera then pans to a drunk stuntman at a bar. The TV then tells the story of a stuntman who has lost his job due to drinking habits, which is when we will see our stuntman. The stuntman is looking at pictures of the film set he used to work on (Which he loved ever so dear) and then takes a shot of some sort of drink. When he then looks up he then starts to hallucinate that the bar is his film set.

Notes: Some things to note about this first scene is that camera descriptions are not yet put in, however the camera is going to pan by the stuntman’s glass to show his presence. Also in this sequence there is a bartender and he leaves the bar to leave the stuntman alone.

2. He dances, prances and jumps around the bar, however after a while his vision beings to turn back to reality. In a sad attempt to stay in this dream he tries to find more booze but cannot find anything, apart from one ‘Very’ strong drink that he would question to down, but he does it anyway. Doing his make his vision very ‘Real’, whilst in this trance he thinks it’s a good idea to leap off a crate onto what he thinks is crash mat, nope it’s a piano.

Notes: I really want to get the point across about how the stuntman hallucinates, turning all of the objects in the room into a film set, almost like a kid in a playground.

3. The camera then pans around cleverly to make it look like he has landed on a table, however he has really landed on a Piano. With him still unconscious a bottle slips out of his hand onto a door release, opening the front door, it also activates some sort of Gold-Ruberg Contraption, making the Piano move roll out of the bar and down a hill. When the stuntman wakes up he finds himself rolling down a street on a Piano towards the city, he then thinks “Bugger it” and uses the pedals to steer the Piano.

Notes: The Rube-Goldberg machine will just be a series of events prior to the stuntman’s departure. The piano is also going very fast down a hill into oncoming traffic, using a Piano’s pedals to steer.

4. As he approaches the middle of the city he sees a Liquor store and decides to drive towards it. As he flies down the hill he passes his boss, his boss is amazed and chases after him.

Notes: At the start of the film the company will be named, so when the camera files past the boss he will wear something to indicate he is the boss of this company that the stuntman was once in.5. The stuntman then merrily skips off the Piano and begin to walk towards the Liquor store. Unfortunately the Piano keeps going and rolls (Somehow) onto the top of a building. As the stuntman is still in his happy dream he doesn’t notice what lurks above him, the Piano. The Piano falls off the top of the building and slams right onto the Stuntman.

Notes: When the Piano drops on the stuntman, it will show the stuntman being crushed from afar, then immediately switch to black, also to note about the ‘Piano Crushing’ is that the shadow will be emphasized to show the stuntman’s impending doom.6. The stuntman then wakes up in a hospital, in a bad mood. In his frustration he looks for his shot canister and is about to drink some more when one of the keys of the Piano catches his eye and a letter. He picks up the Piano key with a little note on the back, saying “I know this is a hard time for you and I’m sorry for everything we did to you these past couple months, we are going to ‘Re-hire’ you. I’m not going to ask you to stop drinking, but this little piece of piano should remind you the pain it has brought you and the problems it has caused. Yours sincerely –Boss”

Notes: This scene does not really need any notes but an explanation, the character do not really speak a language but rather just gibberish (Like the Sims language), most of the story will be told through text.

7. The film ends with the stuntman throwing his shot canister out the window and going to sleep with a smile on his face.

Notes: As he throws the canister out the window there will be a slight light in the sky, rather than just rain. Either that or some neon light will come on saying ‘End’ out of the window.


  1. Hi Tom, I think things are too complex again - the ending is too protracted; it will never fit within 2 minutes. End it with the the stuntman's piano stunt getting him a new gig. I don't think it's credible that he'd get a job from his old boss, because his old boss would probably just think he's a drunk on a piano! Think of it as a fresh start for him - honestly, trust me on this - you don't have the screen time to get all of this on screen; also, when he hallucinates in the bar, doesn't it make sense that he'd think he was on the set of a classic cowboy bar brawl, the sort of thing you'd see in a classic western?


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