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Post OGR Update & New Story Concepts 22/01/2016

OGR Update

Okay, so ever since the OGR some comment were made on my story. The biggest one was about my environment not being a big enough part of the story, I am coming up with a new story now that can follows some of these rules:
  • Every object I have been assigned my be significant in my story.
  • The concept of a stuntman can be altered due to a situation, e.g. Depressed stuntman, Old Stuntman, Rival Stuntman
  • The film set does not have to actually 'BE' there but can be heavily symbolized there.
There are no concepts set in stone yet but there is a story I have come up with that in my personal opinion I like way better than my pervious idea. I was given some creative influence by my tutor and I have come up with the concept of a 'Drunk Stuntman'. I am currently writing the story up now and it should be up by either today or tomorrow.